Spirit Monster Part 2

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All of the villagers filed out of the meeting building now that it was safe to go outside. I watched katara sadly walk to the gate and sit down. she was holding Sokkas boomerang. The old man sat next to her and reassured her that everything would be OK. I decided to join them.

"trust me, I'll be surprised if the avatar returns without your brother." a strong sense started to grow and I had a feeling I was being watched. I felt myself being drawn forward and reached out. "Aang?" I asked out loud, waving my hand through air. "I thought her brothers name was Sokka?" the old man asked, confused. I shook my head and took another step forward, my hand still out stretched. "I have to meditate!" I said suddenly and ran back to the meeting building.

I sat in the corner and quickly crossed my legs. I had my two fists touching eachother. I closed my eyes and slowed my breathing. Aang was in the spirit world. I could feel it. I emptied my mind and slowly left my body.

When I opened my eyes I could see myself, sitting in the same position.I stared at my face. "weird." I said out loud and raced off to find Aang. I reached the exit and called his name. I saw appa, katara and the old man walking back into the village. They didn't see me at all as they walked past.

"Aang!" I waved and he looked over. "Anaya?" he asked and ran to give me a hug. We embraced each other for a second before a blue, ghost like beast soared straight at us. Aang and I dove in opposite directions to avoid being hit. "I can't bend!" I yelled, trying desperately to wave my arms and cause something to happen. "I know!" Aang groaned. "I've tried already!"

The dragon charged at us once more, with speed so fast I couldn't think. Who had a dragon. Someone must of had a dragon. "Aang, who was the avatar before you!" I called and he snapped his fingers. "Avatar Roku!" he yelled and just as the dragon reached me, it stopped and bowed its head towards Aang. I let out a great sigh as it slithered away from me.

Aang petted the dragons head and smiled. "hey, boy! Do you know where Sokka is?" the dragon had a sad glint in its eyes. One of the whiskers touched Aang and I saw a vision. Avatar Roku was riding a brown and red dragon. I snapped back and noticed that Aang went through the same thing.

"can you take me to Roku?" Aang asked and the dragon bowed it's head as if welcoming Aang on. I reached out to climb ontop when a sharp pain hit my head. I spun sharply and looked around. "Anaya?" Aang asked. "I think theres somewhere else I need to be." I said, still glaring. "oh." Aang said. " are you sure?I think its better if you come with me, since your my guide and all." I shook my head and turned towards him. I was careful not to touch the dragon. "Roku is your past life, i think you have to do this alone. I might have to find mine."

"you have a past life?" Aang asked, surprised. "of course." I smiled. "who do you think taught me how to find you?" Aang shrugged and got ready for take off. "hope you find what your looking for." he said. "you too." and with that, the dragon sped off with Aang barley hanging on.

"very good." a familiar voice said behind me. I turned and saw Niho. He had a kind, warm smile but a certain strict feeling. "allowing your Avatar to make his own journey is important."

"I've been waiting for ages to talk to you." I said impatiently. "when we spoke last time-"
"last time?" Niho asked. I stopped and looked at him confused. "yeah. Last time. Are you feeling alright, Niho?" Niho touched his beard and closed his eyes. "how do you know my name already? I guess you might know a little more than I thought."

I tilted my head and examined him. This was the spirit world, people couldn't get sick. Could they? "Niho, we've met before. You told me my job. What I can do." he shook his head and looked at me. "I guess my memory's a little foggy. I apologise." I stared at him. Something didn't feel right. "but there is something you must know." there was worry and urgency in his eyes. "Avatar Aang must get to the fire temple by the solstice. It is important that he learns about Sozin's Comet." my mind whirled at the mention of a comet. I flashed back to the day the Fire nation attacked my air temple, and destroyed everything.

"Is this comet the same one as before?" I asked desperately. "I can tell Aang when he gets back, then we can-"

"No!" Niho said harshly. "your job is to guide the avatar, not give him answers."

"But it's pointless if we go all the way to the fire nation temple for information I already know." I complained.

"you must think, child. Has Aang ever felt confident in his duties?" I stopped arguing and thought back. He didn't seem so sure about stopping Hei-Bei. And he doesnt seem to be able to control the avatar state. Its controlled by his emotions and he always feels devistated by the end of it.

"I guess not." I said looking down. "when Aang goes to the fire temple, he will meet avatar Roku. He will gain courage as he realises that his past lives will help him through his journey. Think of what would happen if he doesn't have enough confidence when he eventually faces the fire Lord."

"it would be all my fault." I said, softly. I realised how I couldn't give Aang all the answers and everything I wanted him to know. "our job is hard, but it is what we must do for the sake of the world." Niho walked towards me and knelt down so we were level, placing a hand on my shoulder. I looked into his dark eyes, full of wisdom and stories. "you may be young, but you have a better chance at stopping this war then anyone else." he smiled. "thanks Niho." I smiled back.

I noticed the sun starting to dip once more. The day had flown by so quickly. Katara was sitting on a porch of one of the houses, looking glumly into the forest. "I guess I should go." I said, turning back to Niho but he was already gone. I started to walk back to my physical form when Aang swooped down and sat next to katara. I decided to listen before I came back "Aang!" katara exclaimed. "did you find Sokka, and the other villagers?"

"no, but I think I know how to." Aang looked out to the forest with a determined look. I ran back to my body and touched my shoulder. I slipped back in and started walking outside, only to be pushed back in. "Anaya!" Katara called and I walked over to her.

"how was your nap?" I looked at her and rolled my eyes. "a, I wasn't napping I was meditating, b, it was very informative, c, what's Aang doing?" I pointed at him as he walked over to the gate again. "he says he knows what he's doing this time."

I watched as Aang stood confidently at the gate, waiting for Hei-Bei. I crossed my fingers and mumbled "come on, avatar." time slowly wemt by and when it seemed like the spirt wasn't going to turn up, Aang spun around  and walked back to us.

Suddenly, Hei-Bei crashed into a house right next to Aang who just manages to spin a ball of air around him and protect himself. "Aang!"  Katara yelled and tried to run out of the building to help him. I stuck my hand out and pulled her back, the conversation between Niho and I flashing through my mind. "he knows what he's doing." I said and watched as Aang jumped ontop of the spirits head and touched his hand on him. His hand glowed a light blue and the spirit stopped rampaging as if in a daze. Aang jumped to the roof of a near by house and the spirit watched.

"you're upset because your home was burnt down." I heard Aang call to the spirit. "you're the spirit of the forest. I was upset too but my friend gave me hope." Aang brought out an acorn, similar to the one katara threw at us. "see this? It means the forest will grow back. Although it will take time, theres hope that it will return as beautiful as it once was." Aang held out the acorn and the spirit slowly took it from him. At the touch, the spirit turned into a cute, peaceful panda. After a light roar of thanks, it slowly returned back to the forest as Sokka and the other villagers wondered out.

"Sokka!"  katara cried as she ran towards him. I followed and Aang joined us. "hey Anaya! When did you get back?" he asked as katara filled Sokka in on what happened. "just after you did. You were great up there." I motioned to the roof and he smiled. "thanks."

"oh thank you! Thank you!" the chief cries as he walked over. "is there anything we can do to say thank you for saving our village?"

"some supplies and money would be nice." Sokka said as katara elbowed him sharply. "ow! But it's true! We need stuff!" the chief chuckled and turned to Aang. "it would be an honour to help the avatar prepare for his journey." he bowed and went off to pack our supplies.

"actually, about our journey." Aang said. His face grew serious as I relised what he was going to say. "when I was in the spirit world, I found out that I need to speak to Roku by the solstice."

"that's tomorrow!" katara cried. "yeah, and there's one more thing." Aang took a deep breath before carrying on. "the temple is in the fire nation."

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