chapter 2

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Ramy didn't know his parents were Dead.
( It was an Icy cold night when ramy's parent's death ).

It was dark, gloomy night.

Ramy tried to palpate his way out of the debris and he is hearing his brother waul as it smash his heart into parts because of the great pain which his brother suffered.
Ramy looked worried, because he could not help his little brother.
The transporter kept throwing the bombs and barrels on the entire city collecting with her innocent souls.
The bombing was just like doomsday.
In the middle of this tragical situations, Ramy grabbed his brother and ran as fast as he could away from his house, Ramy ran away with his brother into no where.
Anyway Ramy ran and screaming, ", where are you, I need you...we need both of you".
But no one is answering.
Then an old man called Abo-yasser he told to Ramy that his parents are Dead.

It was a great shock upon shock, sadness upon sadness.

The news fall like lighting it was more powerful than barrels and bombs, Ramy tried to be calm for his brother's sake of not knowing his parents are Dead.
Days past and Ramy and his brother live between rubbish like any person in the city and trying hard to find rasping or any thing to eat and with that passing days belal's shape was getting more worse each day, but Ramy was unable to help him and why?
That's because he's a child don't know anything about this horrible life he don't know why his people are fighting.
How could a child like Ramy gives help to his brother under this in human squalor.
In one Cold night belal's fever was high as the high of the sky.
Ramy ran immediately between the scree searching for a help and he never hesitate to ask Abo-yasser and then he asked him to check his brother, " uncle Abo-yasser my brother doesn't hear me, he doesn't speak or even move, and also I have some bread, I gave it to him because he was hungry but he didn't eat it".
After Abo-yasser heard what happened an awful idea across his mind, so he ran quickly to see belal, when he reached there he holds belal's hand to see if there is pulse meaning if he is still alive, but unfortunately they were too late as when they reached there belal was already dead, but Abo-yasser did not want Ramy to know about his brother's death.
Abo-yasser hugged belal tightly to his chest and kept crying and muttering.
Ramy was an insistent child," uncle Abo-yasser why are you crying?
What happened to my brother, please tell me".
Abo-yasser didn't tell to Ramy about his brother so he carries belal and cocoon him carefully by a piece of threadbare clothes and went to bury him then he told to Ramy to eat that piece of bread and stay where he is until his return.
Ramy was waiting for Abo-yasser's return, till doziness exhausted him.
He slept despite with the frozen weather and hunger, the cannon, bombs and barrels sounds was spreading through the entire city and the wailing of war doesn't stop.
Ramy had slept without knowing that his little brother is dead because of his injuries and sickness.
Ramy is lonely in this inhumanly world.
Here begins the journey of our little surviver Ramy coming with pain and torture.

To be continued,

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