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hey second part of the series. Hope you like it. There are new characters of course and lots of new drama.

It's not as soft as last half. There are three parts to this series! I will let you know when you are at the end of the second part. I would never just make it pop up after you waited forever for it and be like oh here this the third series you had to wait for it. Danny_Dawson (my wattpad crew of one she is my helper) I won't start without you this time. (Just gonna update that first chapter though) hehehe. sowwy.

Anyway, hope yall enjoy this. Of you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Y'all since I have so many new characters in this and I want to show them all off, this might be long as hell. Bare with me.

This could either be the regular 13-15 chapters or 17-25. I don't know yet. Please comment and vote. It very much helps. I'm trying to do me and give the people what they want. Now where's my water bottle? I'm parched. *looks around while squinting because I can't see for ish* oh there it is! COME TO MOMMA!*chuggs down water* woo lawd! I needed that. anyways!!!!!

Hope you liked the last series. I'm going to switch it up! Hehehe! I'm having brain storms in this sinister mind of mine. I love that this is a long series. If this was a sitcom, there would be three seasons. Yuuus! I love it!

anyway, see you next chapter which I will update tomorrow.


*eats bagel with cream cheese as I walk out*

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