Chapter 2

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You opened your eyes, revealing yourself in a hospital bed, and hooked up with a lot of antibiotics and a IV. You felt empty and smelly. How long where you asleep? You placed your hand on your bandaged neck and grunted at the sudden pain. You heard the room door open and the nurse came in.

"Ah, Miss Y/N, your awake. How do you feel?" She asked. You rubbed your head and just looked around the room. "I feel icky, hungry, disgusting," you paused mid-sentence and looked at the nurse. "How long was I asleep?" you asked and she just cleared her throat.

"For about a week Miss Y/N." 

Yours eyes widened and you felt dizzy just from hearing that. You haven't eaten nor shower in a week! You remembered something important.

"Where's Jennie? Is she ok?"

"The lady that came in with you? Oh she was fine she just passed out from the blood you had." She said trying to calm you down. You sighed and laid back on the bed as the lady offered you food. By the smell of the food, you didn't hesitate to dig into it. You were so hungry. Of course, you haven't eaten in awhile.

"After you eat you can shower and I think the girls are coming to pick you up and drop off some clothes for you. We already called them that you're awake." The nurse said as she checked the monitors that you're hooked on. You finished eating your food quickly and handed the nurse your plate back. You heard a knock from the door. The nurse walked over to the door and opened it slightly. You decided to take the needles out of you yourself so you can shower. "And who may you be?"

You heard mumbling coming from the nurse and the person who was at the other side of the door. The nurse then opened the door fully and walked out letting the person come in. Your eyes widened as Suga walked over to you with flowers. Which where your favorite kind of flowers. "I brought you flowers, girls recommended me to." He rubbed behind his head and placed the flowers aside and sat on a chair. "It's been awhile, Huh? I haven't heard your irritating voice at the downtown in awhile." He started up a conversation. You just kept quiet and starred at your needles that where next to you on the bed. Why's he so nice? After all you hate him and he should hate you, right?

"Yoongi? You hate me, so why visit me, I keep talking shit about you, I hate you-" he stopped you there and interrupted.

"Y/N, If you hate me that much, how come you haven't kicked me out of this room yet?" He smirked and it just made you blush because you didn't have a explanation. "Listen mister, I'm just- tired ok...and I should really shower" You sat up and moved your legs until you sat on the edge of the bed. Suga got up from his seat and watched you. You placed your feet on the ground and stood up on the ground still holding onto the bed. You let go and took a step but you went limp and before you could fall, Suga ran up in front of you and grabbed you by the waist holding you. You blushed even more from the touch but didn't say anything knowing you needed the support.  It was really quiet but you both didn't seem to mind. Suga grabbed your arm and wrapped it around his shoulders letting you grab onto him while he used one of his hands to grab onto your waist. He slowly helped you walk and led you to the bathroom. You slowly grabbed onto the sink and he gave you a silly smirk.

"Want me to help you in there?" He chuckled.

"NO WAY!" You yelled at him and threw one of the bars of soap at him. "YOU WISH."

"Nah not really, I was just joking with you. The girls should be here anytime now." He shrugged and sat back on his seat. You slammed your door shut and crossed your arms.

"You sure you don't need help to strip you out of your clothes?"

"You're impossible!" You yelled again. You heard him laugh at your exclamation. You heard the room door open again.

"Suga you came here? Where are the boys?" The voice of Lisa spoke.

"They're in the waiting room, the doctors didn't want all of us to come in since we're seven and we don't fit." He said.

"Who brought me clothes?" You called out. The door opened slightly and a hand with clothes appeared. You grabbed your clothes and placed it on the sink and you walked over to the bathtub to turn the water on.

~skipping to after you finished showering~

The clothes the girls gave you look fine on you.

After putting the clothes on you opened the door slowly walking out grabbing on something

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After putting the clothes on you opened the door slowly walking out grabbing on something.

"Y/N! You're not dead!" Lisa jumped and smiled. You smiled back at her and Suga got up walking over to you having his arms out. Offering his body for you to hold on. You glared at him for awhile and sighed leaning onto him. It got quiet as the girls looked at both of you in shock.

"Y/N!? Did you get memory loss!?" Lisa gasped.

"I thought you hated him." Jennie said. Jisoo just shrugged not saying anything.

"Oh no, I do. Just for today I'm letting him help me..." he looked over at you with a smile and you looked up at him blushing a little. Why are you blushing? You don't have feelings for him!? Do you?

"Oh well who cares." Rose said out loud and opened the door. "Let's get you out of this hellhole Y/N, I'm sure the boys are waiting on all of us." Rose grabbed the flowers that was on the side of the bed.

Suga helped you out of the room and over to the waiting room where the boys where. The girls followed behind you and Suga. As you saw the boys and the boys saw you, they got up quickly and walked over to you. "She trust you now Suga? That's a first...she still owes us an apology though." V huffed and crossed his arms. The boys, other than RM, nodded.

"Guys she just got out of the hospital, we can talk about that later." RM told them. You rolled your eyes and looked at V knowing he wanted the apology the most.

"I'm sorry I doubted you all on every performance you do." You said and smirked."I'm also sorry for winning in a rap battle with Suga." You added.

"Hey-hey-hey, That was a long time ago Y/N." Suga chuckled knowing you wanted to embarrass him again. You where getting along with them so well you haven't noticed how silly you where turning and that other boys where waiting for you outside. You heard the hospital doors open and you all looked to that direction.

"Hey Y/N! How's my baby doing?" A voice called out. You noticed right then and there.

It was EXO, and the boy who called you out, was Chen.

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