*Request* Sparks Will Fly (Raph x Dragon!Reader)

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"Dudes, you think she'll be okay if she makes it through this?" The orange asked.

"I'm not sure Mikey." Donnie sighed. Soon, you made it to a different place. They helped you into an old pizza place. You made it in and two humans and a rat mutant looked shocked.

"Whoa! What the heck guys!?" The boy said.

"No time to explain. She's hurt severely and she won't make it if we don't help her right away." Donnie said. You collapsed onto the floor in what looked like a makeshift lab. They started to treat your wounds. Raph kept you relaxed by petting your head. You smiled at him a little. He smiled back.  Donnie put a cast on your leg and a sling around your wing. 

"She needs food. Mikey, do we any any ready pizzas?" Donnie asked.

"Always bro!" Mikey hurried out and the rat scanned over you, clearly deep in thought.

"Hmm....I feel there is more to this creature than there appears to be."

"What do you mean Sensei?" Leo asked.

"Look at the way she reacts to us. This is no wild mythical animal. There is intelligence in her gaze." He said.

"Maybe she's just smarter since she's a dragon, Master Splinter." The girl said. You lifted your head a bit and looked up at him. Then, Mikey came back with an entire pizza. Your stomach growled and you tried to get up to get to it, but you collapsed again, pain pulsing through your body.

"Whoa! Easy girl!" Raph said. You calmed down and relaxed again. "That's better." 

"She must be hungry." The girl said.

"We don't know how long it's been since shes eaten, April." Donnie said. 

"You'd think she'd get plenty to eat. Just go around and find a Kraang patrol!" The boy said.

"Very funny Casey." Raph growled.

"That might be how she ended up like this is the first place. Maybe she's a past experiment gone wrong?" Donnie hypothesized.

"Maybe." Leo agreed. 

"Well! Here you go Dragon Feather!" Mikey said, offering you the pizza.

"Dragon Feather?" Leo asked.

"Yeah! Cause she's a dragon with feathers!"

"We get it." April said.

"Hey hold up! I should get to name her! I found her!" Raph said.

"Come on Raph! Everybody knows I'm the name guy!" Mikey said.

"Then name villains! It's my turn!" Raph said.

"Jeez Raph, fine." Mikey said. Raph looked at you. You wanted to tell him your real name, but you'd accept whatever name he was going to say as a nickname.

"She seems like a Flame to me." Raph said. You smiled. You let out a tiny pleased roar. He smiled. "Ya like that one girl?" He asked petting your head. You let out a happy growl, making it sound like you were purring. He chuckled.

"Flame it is then." April said. 

"I still think mine was better." Mikey said. 

"Yours was longer. Flame will work better in an emergency." Donnie pointed out. Mikey thought about it.

"Alright! I'll give you that one!" He said with a smile. "Besides, that would've been my second choice anyway!" 

"Sure Mikey." April said. 

"Come on, let's let her get some rest." Leo said. They began to leave, but you caught Raph by a strap on his gear. He turned. You whined, giving him big sad puppy dog eyes. You wanted him to stay. 

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