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INFO YOU NEED TO KNOW OR ELSE YOU MIGHT GET CONFUSED: In this One-shot, you are a translator for a girl, Anna, that just came to your school from Puerto Rico. She only speaks Spanish so you help her in school. I'll put the translations of what you guys are saying in parentheses. (Also Anthony is the boy that has a gigantic crush on you and C/N gets totally jealous when he's around you.)

Your POV

"Hola Anna! Como estás?" I asked as I sat down at the table in the seat facing hers. (Hi Anna! How are you?)

"Bien y tu?" Anna answered, beaming because she had gotten an A on a math exam she was trying very hard to pass. (Good and you?)

"Muy bien," I smiled back. (Great (very good.))

"Queria hacerte una pregunta." (I wanted to ask you a question.)

"Si?" (Yes?)

"Tienes Novio?" (Do you have a boyfriend?)

I blushed thinking about C/N who was sitting beside me. He was watching us speak Spanish with awe and curiosity.

"What did she ask?" C/N questioned, noticing my blush."Nothing," I said, deciding it was best Anna didn't know C/N was my boyfriend.

However, although she doesn't know the language, Anna is very intelligent so she figured out that C/N was asking what she was saying because of his questioning look.

She pointed at me and made a heart with her hands.

"Ummm. Are you asking who she likes?" C/N asked even though she obviously could not understand.

"Que esta diciendo?" Anna said pointing at C/N. (What is he saying?)

"Nada," I replied shaking my head no. (Nothing.)

This is going to be hard to keep up with because I think C/N or Anna might catch on.

"Ohhhhh," C/N smirked, "I'm her boyfriend."

Well C/N caught on. He's already hot why does he also need to be smart? He started pointing at himself as Anna looked over at me to see whether it was true or not.

I decided maybe I should have a little fun, "No es verdad, Anthony es mi novio." (It's not true, Anthony is my boyfriend.)

C/N tried to study my face as he heard Anthony's name being mentioned. I tried very hard not to laugh at his expression but I think my smile gave it away because he then started yelling (so that the whole class heard might I add),

"NOOOOO. I'M HER BOYFRIEND NOT ANTHONY!" He got up and somehow brought me to my feet and kissed me.

In front of





But I kissed him back because I love him and he's super cute.

"Hah see! She kissed me back!" C/N shouted in triumph as I stood there very embarrassed.

"Y/N AND C/N DETENTION FOR THE REST OF THE WEEK!" Our teacher screamed giving us a stern look.

I plopped back down on my seat glaring at C/N, "Look, now you got me in trouble."

He came closer to my face and kissed me on the cheek (Sneakily so we didn't get frickn' suspended) and whispered, "It was worth it. You're mine, not anyone else's. Mostly not that motherfucker Anthony."

"You could have just kissed me when school was over and I was heading to the bus with Anna," I grumbled.

I then sighed and turned back to Anna who was staring at us in amusement, "El es un idiota," I said bluntly.

She started giggling quietly as C/N whisper-yelled, "HEY! I know what that means!"

Sorry for not updating in a while but I have a couple more ideas so I'll update more. I probably lost some readers *SIGHHHHHH* But it's okie becauseeeeee

THANK YOU FOR 4K READS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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