9. The Silent Vow

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[Legolas POV]

The day that I secretly worried about had finally arrived. T'was the Fellowship's last night at the Rivendell before we leave tomorrow morning and embark on our perilous journey to try and save the world that we live in.

These past few months, Rivendell had been a home to me, and my heart saddened at the thought of leaving it. In such short time, so many things had taken place here. New friendship blossomed between me and my companions, even more so after I pledged my life to the service of Frodo Baggins– the young, brave hobbit who had shown great courage.

I grew fond of my Fellowship members– well, that except the loud, poor mannered dwarf, Gimli son of Gloin. His traits and manners were just as revolting as his old man, Gloin.

And do not forget the smell.

Anger bubbled up inside me every time he spoke against me or my kind while I do was sit and kept to myself. I wanted so bad so many times to reach behind my back and put an arrow between his beady, little eyes if it wasn't for Leane. I noticed that for some unknown reason she secretly tried to make me and the dwarf to get along, but it was a  pointless effort in my opinion.

She somehow befriended the preposterous dwarf and even grew fond of him. What is there to like? I just couldn't understand. I didn't like it, but I knew it was not my place to object. A true friend would not force his view on someone else, although of it was up to me, I would very much like to snatch the petite woman away from the dwarf every time they were sitting close to chat or throw jokes at each other.

Despite the dwarf situation, I and Leane had become fast friends in just a few weeks and it took me by surprise. Being taught to think as a fighter since I was just an elfling, I was naturally not one to trust and open so easily to just anyone. Yet with her it felt so easy to do just that. It felt as if we had known each other for millennia.

Maybe it was her personality that was so charming and different from any other people I had encountered. Maybe it was the fact that she was from another world and that intrigued me. Whatever it was, she always seemed to captured the hearts of people around her and it became so easy to be comfortable around the soft mannered, yet witty woman.

However, being around her often, I started to think that her personality was rubbing off on me. Her jokes and sarcasm brought mischief that was well hidden inside me, long since I was a mere elfling.

She was sarcastic and bold. Sometimes I couldn't help but marvel at her audacity. If she ever talk the way she talked to me to my adar, she would have been sent straight to the dungeons.

Her colorful personality was like a breath of fresh air to me. I liked the fact that she didn't act like any other females or elleth who treated me as my title. I cringed at the memory of their unending flirting. Eru knows how exhausting that became. Especially back in Mirkwood.

I was greatly relieved now that I was here in Rivendell. Leane treated me like a person, like how my best friend EstelAragorn to most people– would do to me. I thanked Eru for that.

Now that I grew fond of her, the thought of her coming to the Fellowship dreaded me. The road ahead was going to be dangerous and unexpected despite her knowledge of all of it and the fate of the Fellowship.

I was baffled at her determination to join the Fellowship after all that had happened to her. She'd been taken away from her world against her will, away from her family. There was no turning back for her– that alone would be enough to kill an elf, to be separated from his kin. She didn't need to care about a world that was never hers yet here she was, risking her life to see the Ring destroyed, to make sure her new friends are going to be alright without even knowing her own fate. She had shown incredible courage and strength, even though I could see fear lurking behind her warm brown eyes every time she reassured me that she would be fine.

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