chapter 25

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Rosie pov:-

I looked at him in shock, before he could hear more of my thoughts, I put the barrier in between our link. Edward stopped walking and looked at me narrowing his eyes accusingly, I just looked at him innocently, blinking two times to make it more innocent.

"That not so innocent look doesn't work on me, my little rose", he rose his perfect eyebrow at me in a mocking way.

"Even you have put your barrier down and you have already listened more than you should hear me", I said accusing him back. He just sighed and started walking again. I was still clinging to him like a monkey.

  After few minutes of walking I realized that we were not going in the direction of the palace but the opposite side. I didn't question him. I put my head on his neck and closed my eyes. I was not sleepy but nervous for some reason I myself don't know why.

He stopped after some time and put me down. I turned around to see we were still in the woods but it was not as dense as before and the sun shone brighter here. The surrounding was calm and soothing, little helpful for my nervous self. I turned towards Edward, he had already sat down near the tree and had his back leaned on the tree. I stood nervously fidgeting with my fingers.

"Come here", he called me and patted the place next to him, I went towards him and sat down next to him. We sat there in silence, his silence was making me more nervous.

"Do you not believe in my love?", He broke the silence. His words shocked me, I looked at him confused. I opened my mouth to say something but he interrupted me.

" Do you think just because you failed something that will make me love you less or leave you? How do you know that you failed, did I say you that? No, because you didn't. Do you think I will give someone a easy punishment. Even if it is a small mistake, they will be put in prison for 5 years. I gave him a small punishment because, your words made sense, your words bought him justice. People in the throne room objected your words because to bring other party justice not to offend you or condemn you in any way. In my throne room only justice works.", He said a little harsher, I bit my lip and looked down at my hands embarrassed.

"I couldn't judge properly, I just thought about the poor man not the other person, I should have thought about both of them and then should have said my opinion", I mumbled looking down, I felt fingers under my chin lifting my face up.

"It was your first day and you judged correctly if not, that man would have been in jail and no one would have looked after his family. Because of you his wife is getting medical treatment and his childrens are not in empty stomach. You saved a family, rose and that's what is important. You saved people's lives that's what a good ruler does", he cupped my face in his hand and leaned in to kiss my lips. This kiss was slow and passionate filled with desire and love. I was overwhelmed and happy by his words, I felt in relief knowing that one way or another I saved a family. It made me happy and satisfied. I felt hope building in my heart by his words.

"Your not mad at me then", I asked him more like a statement, he was little taken aback because I pulled away from the kiss too suddenly.

"I am, you can't just run away like that, rose. I was worried sick searching for you. After the meeting I came to our chamber to find it empty, the guards informed me that you went to garden for a walk. I didn't want to disturb you but you didn't return even after the sun was fully set. I panicked and when I came to garden you were not there. I was scared and terrified. I found where you were through the mind link but couldn't find you. I searched around the same area countless times but I  couldn't find you. I was pretty shocked and surprised to see you sleeping up in the tree", he chuckled but it was nothing of humor, I know he was very upset with me.

"I'm sorry I worried you, I just didn't think rationally, I was upset and mad at myself. I didn't know what I was doing. I just wanted to have alone time to clear my thoughts, so I ran towards here but halfway through I found myself lost . I forgot about the mind link, I'm sorry please forgive me", he looked at me straight in my eyes, as if searching for something, then he sighed and opened his arms to me, I lunched myself in to his open arms.

" Yes You should be but You can show me how sorry you are in a different way", he smirked at me, I just looked at him confused. Then I realized what he was suggesting. I blushed hard and hid my face in his chest. He laughed loudly and pushed me back on the ground and hovered above me. He captured my lips in a hungry passionate kiss.


"I think we should go back now, its getting darker", I mumbled and snuggled closer to his bare chest.he just hummed in response but made no move of getting up. I sighed and removed his hand which was drawing pattern on my bare back and stood up to put on my gown. I heard a strained groan behind me, I turned towards Edward to see him eyeing my bare body with gleaming golden eyes, I blushed red and quickly put on the gown, hiding my naked body with the dress, slightly feeling embarrassed.

"Its nothing I have not seen, rose. No need to be shy now", he laughed and stood up naked, I squealed and closed my eyes turning away from me.

"Its also nothing you have not seen, my wife", mischievous was laced in his tone as he came striding towards me and I know what was coming next.


The forest was completely dark and silent as we walked, well Edward walked and I limped. All thanks to Edwards junior. I made sure that the barrier was still in between our link. I sighed in relief when it was, otherwise he could hear my unholy thoughts. I giggled at the thought which made Edward to abruptly stop and turn back to look at me.

"What is so amusing, little wife?", he teased me pulling me closer to him.

"Nothing, my mighty husband", I teased him back which made him laugh loudly, I laughed with him. He stopped laughing and looked at me with a big grin on his handsome face. He pulled me closer and kissed on the mark he gave which sent shivers through me and just below my ear before whispering words which made my jaw drop.

"Are you sure, it is not about a certain Edwards junior"


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