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-Chapter 11

Unluckily Lost

Lisa's Point of View:

After inserting the key to my apartment, I dashed inside and quickly jumped on the sofa, my back lying on it.

There, I spaced out and contemplated about the past happenings in my life. But then, this particular topic is occupying the majority of my cloud of thoughts.

Why is he there?

Why were they there?

Who is she?

Why is Jungkook with her?

Is he lying to me?

Multiple questions popped into my mind in a higgledy-piggledy manner. Groaning in frustration, I subsided the questions by shaking my head.

"I have to ask Jungkook." I thought of it for second, then opened my phone. "Wait, isn't he still sleeping?" I wouldn't want to disturb his rest so I decided otherwise. Even though I really really want to hear his husky and hot voice.


I have to look for that stupid card, that's why I'm here in the first place. I started checking everywhere from the living room to my bedroom, but still no signs. Under my bed, inside the drawers, on top on every single object in the house but wait...

I looked beneath the sofa and...


Pulling my hair in irritation, I facepalmed at myself, irresponsible Lisa. For a while, I stood there while thinking of a plan. Maybe I should try rechecking my bag?

I grabbed it in a somewhat harsh manner and opened it to scan it's contents. I set everything out of the bag, no signs of a time consuming small and hard to find card. My hands moved to my wallet, and tried to find the card. Not my card, but there's something that grabs my attention.



I have to go to work today, or else I'll go starve because of my uncooperative hunger, but wait, I remembered I bought ice cream yesterday right? That should be enough to survive for a day.

I flew to the refrigerator and opened the freezer, bull's eye! My face shot up to a big smile as I saw my best friend and saviour. I pulled out the cover to check if there are still more. "Yes!" I shouted in glee while jumping, for a second right there, I forgot about my misery for the day. I checked the expiry date and all hell broke loose.

"Bullshit!" I threw the ice cream to the floor and continously stomped my feet and shouting while throwing a tantrum. Stupid Lisa had to choose almost expired products.

Seems like Misfortune hits me harder than how puberty hit Jungkook.

Panting that came from the previous screaming, I took a look at the mess I made.

I sighed. "I'm done with your bullshits for today, day."

After the cleaning session, I returned to Chaeyoung's car. "I have to do this." My pride was opposing me as I had second thoughts, making me take longer.

"Screw it." I said after the long battle of pride and a life-and-death situation. Opening the car's door once again, I stepped my foot inside along with my pride.

After, the five minute drive, I went inside the building, I heard some curious whispers and glares but I didn't really mind as I dashed to Chaeyoung's area.

"Chae, Thank you." I grabbed her attention, she turned to look at me and I gave back her car keys.

"Oh, you're welcome. Did you find it? Weren't you supposed to be staying at home? Are you okay now?" She asked simultaneously and I froze on my spot not knowing how to answer her latest question. Should I tell her the truth? Should I lie?

"Ahh, about that." I stuttered and she looked at me suspiciously. I wouldn't want to burden her about my financial problem. "No, no, and yes. I didn't find it so I came back here to look. Yes, I'm okay now." I spoke to her calmly but to my surprise, her suspecting look didn't wear off.

"How did you get through the guards?" She eyed me and I immediately dodged her question.

"Sorry Chae, but I have something important to do now, so see you later!" I waved and ran to Mr. Kim's - Taehyung's office.

Yeah, I did something embarrassing about the "how did you get through the guards" thing.

"Mr. Officer?" I called the foreign guard's attention by speaking in English. My voice seeming cutesy to me but he still faced me with a smile.

"Yes?" He hummed making me cringe internally.

"Can I please get something from the office? I work here." I asked pleadingly.

"I'm sorry, but I don't see you here often. Do you have the card perhaps? To prove that you actually work here." He told me sadly and I tried so hard not to groan.

Ofcourse you wouldn't see me, you're new here after all.

"Please? Just one second?" I begged him while doing some aegyo. Gosh, I want to strangle myself, right here, right now.

"I feel bad, but sorry. No can do, as much as I like to let you inside, I don't want to lose my job either." He looked taken aback by my sudden use of force, I tried going through the gates, but the misfortunate person I am, he held my arm back.

I bit his hand and he winced in pain. I took this as a chance to go to Chae's.

Anyways, I know I told her that I went to look for it on my table but I always double check if I left anything so that's impossible.

Yeah, but you don't do that in your house.

I just "hmphed" at my subconsciousness' insult and waited for the elevator impatiently while looking around incase Chaeyoung follows me.

It opened and I sighed. Pressing the top floor's button, I crossed my arms waiting for the elevator doors to open.
Once they made way for me,  I immediately dashed out of the elevator's limited space. I sprung towards Taehyung's front door.

Am I ready? Should I knock? I had a debate in my head. I took a deep breath before knocking. "Come in." I heard from the other side before inhaling then exhaling. Twisting the door's knob, I looked down to avoid seeing Taehyung's face.

What am I doing? I shouldn't be the one acting like I was the victim in the argument! Settling myself in the seat infront of Tae's desk, I pursed my lips before swallowing my saliva.

"I know that what I did earlier was too much, but I need your help."

-Chapter 11 End

As of now, just four more chapters to write and the story will be completed.

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