8. His Royal Sassiness

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The days after the secret council were spent with more and more training and strengthening my physique. I was pretty proud with my progress especially in sword wielding. I even surprised Boromir who I once beat on a sparring.

The truth is, I was cheating. Elrohir and Elladan taunted me by setting a bet between themselves and those who watched our sparring against me. They were sure that I wouldn't be able to take Boromir down. Not even once. Even the hobbits and Legolas also bet against me.


"Traitors," I grumbled, in which Legolas only smirked. Sam, the stout hobbit responded with a sorry look on his face.

"I'm sorry miss, but Aragorn bet on extra weed for the journey, and we can't afford not to win," he muttered in a thick British accent apologetically.

Boromir gave me a lopsided, smug smile when he told me, "One more time for you to fall under the mercy of my sword, Leane, and I'll make sure the hobbits get their weed."

His taunts set me off. I decided to beat him at all costs. I raked my brain. Heck, I literally had hundreds of years ahead of him. There must be a way, any way that I can outsmart the Gondorian warrior. Calculatingly, I used a couple martial art moves at the last seconds after I let Boromir think that I was on the brink of giving up. I feigned fatigue, making an effort to really make it show. I heaved, barely dodging his attacks.

Eventually Boromir let his guard down, and that's where I came in. I let the tip of my sword fell to the ground, feigning hurt at one of his attacks. His eyes widened in alarm when I squealed, thinking I was in pain. As he came closer, I hooked my legs on Boromir's. The huge Gondorian man stumbled on his back as I used my weight against him. I tackled him to the ground, pointing my sword at his neck.

When he realized the dull blade that I placed under his chin, he looked at me with shock. He was stunned. I probably grinned like a Cheshire cat back then.

"Who falls under whose mercy now?" I said between my pants of breath proudly.

Boromir nodded approvingly with a blush and I sheathed my sword, offering a hand to help him up. I looked at the hobbits whose jaws were dropped to the ground, eyes wide. Legolas' looked at me with a stunned expression. I smirked at them all smugly.

How about that, traitors?

Elladan and Elrohir clapped their hands and exclaimed, "That's our girl! Our precious apprentice!" I laughed, blushing at their antics. I guess them betting against me was their way of motivating me.

I turned to Aragorn and told him. "Guess you won," I said still smiling, "So what do you get?"

"The legendary Old Toby weed from the hobbits, and Legolas' service to sharpen all my blades and sword," he said coolly, "I knew you could win."

"Thanks for betting on me, Aragorn," I said gratefully. Aragorn smiled warmly at me and clapped my shoulder.

"In all my years as a fighter, I never saw that kind of maneuver before," said a heavy voice behind me. "What was that?" Boromir asked.

"It's Jiu-jitsu. It's a martial art from my world. It is usually used without weapon, but I was determined to beat you so I used it as a last resort," I told him honestly and added, "Though I doubt I can beat you again next time."

Boromir laughed warmly and clapped me on my shoulder.

"You fought well, mellon nin. Your last move was unsuspected and impressive," muttered Legolas. I only smiled.

"It's a shame you bet against me. Have a little faith on me next time," I mocked him, winking, in which the elf just chuckled.

"Our dear, apprentice! We couldn't be prouder," said Elladan. Elrohir smiled proudly but abruptly turned to Elladan.

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