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Knock knock knock

"Jin it's me!" The now soaking wet namjoon stood outside his boyfriends door continously knocking on it. "Hurry the fu-" He had suddenly remembered that the older does not appreciate swearing. "I mean hurry up."

"Say the magic word..." Jin teased the younger who lost his patience very quickly but still tried to keep cool.



Eventually, namjoon gave in and huffed loudly behind the door that jin wouldn't let him get through from.
"Please jin."

He opened the door to be greeted with an angry namjoon who just walked into the apartment "What do you want now?"

Jin felt a little upset that namjoon didn't like joking so he just bowed his head down "Nothing. I just wanted your company." He closed his eyes, hoping no tears would fall out.

Namjoon stroked his soft, brown hair and pulled him into his chest. The warmth of being with another human being and being happy made jin feel loved. The realisation that he was not alone. For once, he was not alone.

Namjoon giggled which made jin feel confused until he said, "Pranked ya."

He dramatically gasped and hit namjoon's chest "I hate you, you scared me!" And Namjoon laughed even more while squeezing jin even tighter.

"I would be stupid to be angry with you for such a small thing."

Jin nodded in agreement and broke their hug. "I want to play Mario kart. Whoever loses has to be a bottom!" Namjoon stared eyes wide at Jin for even thinking about that.

Jin immediently regretted what he said and gasped while covering his mouth with both hands. "Sorry I didn't know what got over me, I just-"


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