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taehyung and jungkook decided they would go to a amusement park. taehyung ran around holding jungkooks hand and was amazed by the rides and stalls. but a toy in a stall caught his eye.

it was a heart shaped plushie. it almost looked like him. taehyung looked at jungkook with puppy eyes.

"will you please get that toy for me?" taehyung pleaded.

and of course, jungkook agreed.

the man in the stall explained "so you just gotta shoot these balls in the hole-"

"-just like how i-"

"don't even say," jungkook interrupted.

"what?" taehyung asked.

"what what?"



jungkook rolled up his sleeves and had his game face on. taehyung was cheering for jungkook. the man in the stall was waiting impatiently,

first cup,

"SCORE!!" taehyung cheered.

jungkook sighed in relief,

second cup,


score. at this point, jungkook was sweating. and now,

last cup,

heavy breathing,


eyes locked,

ball in hand,


...to be continued...

A/N: hey how u guys doin?
its been a long time hply shit
sorry this was short.

but hey you look good. have a nice
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