Nanwoo 1

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I don't know their ship name so I used this. It's Nancy and Yeonwoo from Momoland!


"Nancy, you won't believe who I got as my maths tutor!" Ahin rushed over to her friend who was taking books out of her locker.

"Who?" Nancy questioned as she turned to face her friend and closed her locker.

"Yeonwoo from the year above us!" Ahin smiled widely as the two girls started to walk towards their first class of the day, "the one you have a crus-"

"Shh!" Nancy covered her friends mouth with her hands, "don't say that so loudly!"

"Ok, ok," Ahin nodded when Nancy finally removed her hands, "but anyway, she is really hot so I see why you like her."

"How did you get her as your maths tutor?" Nancy asked in surprise.

"Well, I'm not the best at maths so my teacher asked her to tutor me and she said yes," Ahin explained.

"Do you think she would tutor me?" Nancy asked hopefully.

"But you're already great at maths?" Ahin frowned.

"I know but I can pretend to not be good at it," Nancy shrugged.

Ahin chuckled and shook her head, "ok, I can ask her."

"Thank you so much, Ahin! You're amazing," Nancy smiled widely and hugged Ahin tightly.

"I know, I know, now go to science or you're going to be late," Ahin pushed her friend in the direction of her classroom. Nancy nodded before rushing  down the corridor to her classroom as Ahin rolled her eyes and chuckled at how excited her friend was.


"Nancy, I better be your best friend after this," Ahin said as she sat down in the canteen with Nancy, Joowon and Daisy.

"Why? What did you do?" Nancy asked curiously.

"I got Yeonwoo to agree to being your maths tutor," Ahin grinned and Nancy's eyes went wide in surprise.

"You did!?" Nancy gasped, "Oh my god, Ahin! I love you!" Nancy jumped up and started flailing her arms about excitedly, earning attention from nearly everyone in the canteen.

"Why is she so excited? Isn't she already good at maths?" Daisy questioned.

"She is but she has a massive crush on Yeonwoo," Ahin shrugged casually as she started to eat her food.

"Ahin! Stop telling everyone!" Nancy suddenly frowned as she sat back down, "this is secret information."

"Don't worry, I won't tell anyone," Daisy chuckled. All of Nancy's friends knew about Nancy's crush on Yeonwoo because she wasn't very secretive about it, despite her scolding anyone else for muttering a word about it, but Daisy was new to the school so she was not yet aware.

"Besides, I'm pretty sure everyone already knows," Joowon added.

"No they don't," Nancy pouted, "I'm very good at keeping my crush a secret."

"Are you talking about Yeonwoo again?" Nayun asked as she sat down next to Nancy, "because you're not very good at keeping that a secret."

"You all suck," Nancy frowned, "except Ahin because you got Yeonwoo to be my maths tutor."

"Ooh, really!? Well done, Ahin, Nancy is going to love you forever," Nayun beamed.

"She better," Ahin joked.


"Hey, you're Nancy, right?" A female voice asked as the stood by Nancy's table in the small café near school. It was where she was meant to be meeting Yeonwoo so they could study maths for an hour. Nancy looked up and had to stop herself from gasping. The female was Yeonwoo and Nancy couldn't help but find her extremely attractive. Her long hair fell around her shoulders and looked extra shiny as the sun shone onto it through the window. She had a sweet smile on her face and was still wearing her school uniform.

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