16. The End

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Hey Soldiers,

you've arrived at the end of the first book in the Illicit Desires series, I hope you enjoyed it. Below you will find a family flowchart and a couple of notes. 

- N O T E S -

- N O T E S -

1. how the bloody fuck do you say these damn names, Jay?
Johann (YO-HANN) | Mikel (MY-KEL) | Lysandra (LA-SAN-DRA) | Madilina (MAD-IL-INA) | Alessia (AL-EE-SEE-AH) | Arsenio (AR-SEE-IN-O)

2. now it's just one big fat cluster fuck! Who in Gods good name are Montel and Miguel, dammit!?
Montel and Miguel are twin brothers. Montel killed Miguel after becoming sick of lurking behind the scenes and hiding in the shadows, thus landing himself in jail after a series of events. He's also the father of Mary's child Ryland and older brother to Kai (Maila Silvetti's partner).

3. why are the characters so bipolar, this isn't a freakshow Jay!
Because they're mother fùckin human.

4. there are children in the flowchart above... does this mean more books? 

Possibly. They'll be under a different series title, however, if I do decide to peruse them.

5. Lastly, but most importantly... Is there a vagina between those thighs, Jay?
Yes. Yes, there is. Is it the nickname guys? Is that what's causing the overwhelmingly large amount confusion concerning my gender, lmao!

(Sike... There's more.)


6. Jay... are you currently on the market?
You know it! Selling for $0.23 cents for a limited time only.

(No. But seriously... There's more),

 There's more),

8. You really thought there was more... Now that's laughable!
Don't be so gullible children. It's not good for the heart.

 It's not good for the heart

End note. That's it... That was the end note. Ciao!

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