A Bold Stratagem

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Challenge #3: Write a piece of historical fiction. Also, your story should include an event from July 5th in history.

July 5th, 1944:

They will give me the Dickin Medal for this.

I have intercepted a report indicating that reinforcements are to be sent to the 4th Army, east of Mogilev. I cannot allow that to happen. Though my actions in Berlin have drawn a significant amount of attention already, I am determined to hold my position. The ground I have chosen to make my stand is exposed. Every day, things get a little more uncomfortable. The enemy is just feet away. But I will persevere.

I will prevail.


“Mein Fuhrer?”

“I was going to write important Nazi stuff, but there’s a cat sitting on my typewriter.”

“Can’t you just shove it off?”

I sense the tide of battle is shifting. New tactics are required. I lick my paw and use it to wipe my face. A bold stratagem.


“No, I...I’ll probably just find another typewriter.”

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