Chapter forty one

Alexis' P.O.V:

It's been three months since my near death experience, it took three days for me to wake up during that time I was drifting in and out of consciousness....there was only little things I could hear, like Aiden mumbling love quotes to me or Dad saying that I'm missing tons of Glee and Luke saying that he's going to give me a wet wedgie.

When I did wake up Aiden told me everything that I didn't know, Mr. Samuels-still can't believe he's mortal and has eloped to England with Mrs. Stewart-Aiden's the leader of the pack so he calls me his queen, Sike and Talise finally imprinted on each other during prom after months-no years of flirting, they ended up getting married the moment I felt better.

Lauren & Dad are kind of dating; I got to do Lauren's hair and make-up for when they were going on a dinner date. Melissa's finally let Aiden go and moved onto Kanen-did I mention that they're a perfect match?-Jade called me yesterday to tell me that she can Christian are now a couple-finally! Aunt Eden isn't so psyched about it but she's gradually getting there.

Now onto me, ever since my sixteen birthday, I've been feeling really weird lately. Pfft, I'm not pregnant; this isn't a teenage pregnancy story where the kids are forced to marry and blah, blah, blah. Besides Aiden and I haven't even done IT. I've been feeling really hot, so I've been walking around the house in shorts and vests even though it's December and it's snowing outside.

Aiden said I might be coming down with something but it feels like it's more than just flu. The other day Luke accidently spilled spaghetti sauce on my new summer dress, I quickly lost my temper apparently it took Aiden and Sike hours to stop me from ripping Luke's head off. Luke washed and dry-cleaned it and it looks new again and apologized for it.

Bipolar, maybe?-I can't be.

'What are you thinking about?' Aiden whispered, his voice drifting me away from my thoughts. Aiden and I were getting ready for a snowball fight with the pack, Luke, Melissa and Daisy. Aiden told me about his date with Daisy, I remember what he said that made me laugh so much. 'If stupidity was bricks, she'd be the frickin' great wall of china'

'Oh...nothing, just girl stuff' I smiled, tying my scarf around my neck and putting on my gloves. Aiden chuckled and zipped up my coat for me and put my frog hat on my head, it had the two flaps at the side to keep my ears even though I was feeling extremely warm before I put all these on.

'Girl stuff, huh?' Aiden muttered, putting on his coat too and tying the laces on his steel toe boots.

'Yeah...girl stuff' I said, mocking him. We walked outside into the field, it was deserted, maybe the others aren't ready yet.

'Are you sure it isn't something else?' Aiden questioned. 'You can tell me anything, Alex' I sighed and shook my head, I hated lying to Aiden, but I didn't want to worry him when we were supposed to be having a snowball fight.

'Positive' I grinned, pecking his lips. Aiden smiled and kissed me back, he wrapped his arms around my waist to bring me closer to him.

'Attack!' I heard Luke's voice yell. I pulled form the kiss and about five huge snowballs were coming my way. And they wall hit me and Aiden. I laughed and Aiden was already getting snowballs ready, he has an advantage. His high temperature will melt the snow a bit to make it easier to shape it into balls.

I think I had that advantage too. I bent down and did the same, someone ran in front of us and I threw it right at them, the person turned around, it was Kanen. He had about ten snowballs in his arms, Aiden and ran was far as we could and hid behind a rock, after five minutes of preparing snowballs Aiden and I came out from hiding and threw all our snowballs and made more at the same time.