Chapter 4

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Riker's POV

I got out of the Van and looked over at the new neighbors. I couldn't help but smile when I noticed that Chelsea was our new neighbor. I walked into the house and threw my bag by the door.

“How was school?” mom Called from the kitchen.

“It was great! I made a new friend and the only bad thing that happened to Riker was getting hit in the back of the head by a volleyball.” Rydel said walking into the kitchen. The rest of us followed.

“Are you okay Riker?” mom asked me.

“Yeah, I got a bloody nose from falling but I'm alright. But the girl who did it just moved in next door.” I replied sitting down on the table.

“Speaking of which, go get changed we are going over there for supper.” dad said. Everyone headed upstairs to change. “Riker hold on a second.”


“I don't know what you did to get a volleyball to your head. However I expect you to be polite tonight. Just pretend to be the boy you were before we moved. That's all I ask.” my mom said.

“I will. I promise.” I said smirking and heading upstairs to change. I got to the room and everyone was sitting in there. They were all wearing blue, just like when we coordinate outfits for our show. I grabbed a pair of black skinny jeans and a blue button up shirt with a tie. I quickly changed in the bathroom and came out.

“You ready to get this over with?” I asked, grabbing some spearmint gum and chewing it.

“I am actually excited for it!” Rydel said, jumping up and leaving the room. Everyone followed but Rocky.

“Hey, dude. Before we go, please be nice to Chelsea from now on. I was talking to her during class and I don't know why but I think we know her from some where. I just don't know where.” he said.

“Yeah, whatever. Like I said before, I can lock you in the closet.” I spat before walking out of the room. He followed me out and down the stairs.

“Okay, everyone lets go.” mom said, opening the front door. We all followed her out.


Chelsea's POV

There was a knock at the door and I heard mom answer it. I was changing into a pair of skinny jeans and a McFly shirt. I walked downstairs and my mom was in the living room talking to everyone. I leaned against the doorway and my mom looked up.

“Mark, Stormie this is my Daughter Chelsea Rose. Chelsea this is Mark and Stormie.” she said introducing them. I walked over to them and shook both of there hands. Mark looked over at Riker and he stood up and walked over to me.

“Chelsea, I wanted to apologize for what I had said earlier today. Do you forgive me?” he asked extending his hand. I wanted to shout and protest but considering we were the center of attention I decided I would take the ladder.

“Yeah, I'm sorry about the volleyball too.” I replied shaking his hand.

“Well, why don't we eat.” my mom said leading everyone to the kitchen. I ended up sitting in between Rydel and Riker. I grabbed a little big of salad and that was it. I noticed my gave me a worried look. I put a little bit of roast beef on my plate just to make her happy. She smiled to tell me she approved.

“Why did you decided to move to California?” Stormie asked. I went stiff when she asked. Rydel, my mom and Riker looked at me.

“Well, we are originally from Denver, Colorado. I had met a man off of an online dating site. When things got serious, we moved to Canada. Then I got a job transfer and we moved here. We are still in the middle of moving in. we just got here yesterday.” she said.