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Katie's seinor year had finally started, after having been through three years of the same high school she was ready for this one year to blow by fast. The sooner the better, she knew.

So after a great start ro her morning and afternoon, she walked into her math class with a positive outlook on things. And then it all went down the drain.

He was in here, she thought, her eyes meeting the one guy who she had been in love with for all said years of high school, except for the last quarter of last year.

The man had been perfect, everything was great. Kobe was a guy who was fun, liked to tease and played baseball. He was average height, had short light brown hair, and blue eyes.

They had been great friends freshman and sophomore year, and she had been in love with him for all of it.

Then he got a girlfriend, a prettier one with bigger boobs and more friends.

She blinked out of her thoughts and took her seat, her heart pounding hard in her chest at the memories.

Once his girlfriend had come along, they grew farther and farther apart, but her love for him never diminished. She had tried, multiple times even to ignore him, to forget all about him. She knew it wasn't healthy to love a man who didn't want her back.

As they grew apart, there came the time her junior year that she had felt that she was in her lowest point in life. And because of him.

She stood outside class with her friend her junior year, because the class was shared with the guy she was head over heels for.

Though she knew they had grown apart, she had never expected him to ask who she was as if she were a stranger behind her back, and definitely didn't expect the insult that came to her looks next.

She could almost hear her heart breaking from the stab, and had declared her love foe him over. The next day she confronted him in the hallway and the two got into a screaming match.

From then on, all positive thoughts of him stopped and she blamed herself. Just why couldn't she have been good enough?

Now as she sat in the same class with him and the girlfriend, she felt incredibly intimidated, and hurt all over again.

It wasn't supposed to bother her, she reminded herself, but when he looked at her all the feelings came rushing back.

The ones of love, hatred, disappointment, and most of all hurt.

She looked away quickly as she made her way down the aisle and to the very last row, sitting in the back where she was less likely to be noticed.

When the icebreaker came, the part where you had to introduce yourself to the class by going around and talking, he was the first to approach her.

He had sad eyes and a sorry look on his face. She ignored it and looked down at her paper.

"Can I get a fact from you real quick?" He asked, and she had some many questions she could've asked in return.

Like when exactly did he acknowledge her or remember that she existed, but she didn't, instead she said softly.

"I don't drink milk." It was lame, but true and simple.

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