Friend Zoned

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Chapter one !

Lia's POV

"Oh just shut up You two" I said to my to best friends aka Brianna and Isaac "what were just telling the truth" he replied back sassily. We were currently laying on my bed arguing why I was still with my boyfriend Brandon . "Yeah he isn't the picture perfect boyfriend but no one is flawless.

"Look we ain't hatin but he is not loyal and is a complete ass half the fucking time"brianna sighed."What ever should we leave for school"

"No we still have time" Isaac mumbled "I'll be back" I said before walking out my door. I walked back to my room with my glass of water and walked back in my room.Oh shit we will be late "get up or we will be late."

I grabbed my car keys "bye mum" "bye lele only my mum ,Isaac and Brianna could call me that it was my my real name.The only thing you could here in my car was Isaac saying he didn't want to go back to school."I can't believe we are graduating this year I am pretty happy but" I laughed.

" I hate school " we all mumbled . I looked around and saw Braden on his phone he looked up and smiled at me." I missed you he smiled."

He held my hand as we walked around. It really annoys me off that all my friends tell my Brandon is a Cheater he is so sweet."I love you" "ok i do to "I laughed.The bell just rang he gave me a kiss and walked to his class."Hey lia" a brown haired boy winked at me "uh do I know you" nope" and he walked away that was weird I walked into class and went and sat next to bri


"Sup" "I have to-

"Girls don't won't to get a bad reputation on the first day do we" "no mr Edward" " than stop talking he snapped "I'll tell you later"




Hey guys this my first fanfic I'm sorry if the first chapter is a bit crap but it will get better anyway thanks for Reading and think of a name I can call you. guys but for now byee

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