Not So Crazy.

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a story seeming to be about

Mike Wheeler.
Fourteen years old.
Clinically insane.

She was back. Really back. My El, safe and home.
This all happened on a cold and pitch black night.
353 days.
That's how long I searched and called out to her. And well, she heard.
I walked through the town that night and at that point I had, I admit now, given up.

Goddamnit Wheeler you weren't supposed to say that!

Fuck you!

Fuck you too!

Just shut up.
Shut the hell up.

Anyways, my girl, my beautiful girl. There she was. Stumbling down the street like a lost puppy, scared and alone.
And then she looked up.


What do you mean what?

This never hap-

Stop. Let me continue.

She saw me and I ran to her. Shock.
Yeah, shock. That's what I felt. Right?

Right, sure.

Okay yeah. But anyways, she was weak and tired. She had different clothes on. I'd never seen them before. And her hair was grown out. She was skinnier, about an inch taller. Yeah.
Yeah that's how she looked.
But she was still beautiful.
So goddamn beautiful.
And now I wasn't so goddamn alone.

Well that's debatable.


But umm she umm I just was. I was relieved. I never questioned why she hadn't answered. I was just so damn happy to have her back.
So I took her back home.

Something was wrong though.

No one acknowledged her.
She didn't like that.

She didn't feel welcome.

And I didn't like that either.

And that's where it's all fuzzy. But I have my girl and that's what matters, right?

You've lost your shit Wheeler.

That's bull and you know it, she's back. She's safe. We're happy.

F U C K O F F.

I can't take this anymore.
I feel the restraints getting tighter.

El, where are you?
I'm right here Mike.
Yeah. Right. Okay. We're okay. I'm okay.
This is fine.
It's fine. Fine. But what is fine?


It is not this.
This is insanity.
This is what happens when people can't cope.
And us Mike, Mike, we, me.
Mike Wheeler.
I cannot cope.

Goodbye Mike.

Mike Wheeler.
Fourteen years old.
Died at 3:53 am on a cold, rainy November morning.
Documented above are his last words.
A conversation with his own mind.

< one day before <

I look over at the clock, midnight. Sleep is impossible for me. Or maybe not impossible but something close to it.
Highly unlikely. I'll stick with that.
For Hop falling asleep is easy, trust me, I know. Lucky him.
How can a person just fall into such a deep sleep in such a short time?
I wonder.
And wonder some more.
And then there's a tapping. I look over at my window and jump back a little, not expecting to see a figure in it, but I smile when I see who it is.
Him. It's him.
I admire his adorable side smile and let him in.
" I thought you weren't going to come when you weren't supposed to anymore. " I said, half joking and half serious.
Last week he told me that he wouldn't be able to come back unless both Hopper and his parents knew and approved of it first. Let's just say, Hopper was pissed when he came into my room to say goodnight and saw Mike holding me a bit too close for his liking. And by pissed, I mean, Hopper freaked. But back to the present.
" Well I wasn't going to but I guess I just missed you too much. " He said, his voice soft and light and still managed to fill me with butterflies.
This isn't his normal voice, oh no. This is his sweet talking voice that works on me every time, and he knows it. But I don't mind.
" Wowwww. " I sighed. " Well the jokes on you Wheeler, that won't work on me. " I crossed my arms and held back a small smirk.
A step closer.
Lean in.
" We both know that isn't true " he whispered in my ear.
I feel myself start to melt but, NO. I won't fall for it.
And then he kisses right under my ear.
" I think you better quit while you're ahead. As I said, it won't work. " I maintained a straight face and crossed my arms.
He sighed but then I noticed something. I looked into his eyes and I could tell he had a plan so I turned around, completely ignoring him and started walking to my bed.
My bet is that he was going pull me closer, kiss me and hope that I finally give up the act. Which would possibly work.
Actually, it would definitely work honestly.
But since I started to walk away that ruined the plan, right? Wrong.
He grabbed my waist and pulled me closer, then he turned me around, picked me up and kissed me.
And damn that worked.
I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist.
But that's it. It didn't last too long.
It wasn't too short.
It was just perfect, really.
But we were both tired. As I said, it's midnight.
So he put me down, acting like nothing happened, of course.  
But then we just went to sleep. So interesting, I know.

- M I K E -
> present day <

I'm awake.                                 No memory.                       Except for me, dying ?
I look around. Where am I? This isn't my house. This is not home.
Where's El?
Gone. She's gone.                        That's right.
S H E  N E V E R  C A M E  B A C K
Am I çråžÿ ???                               I think I am.

                 Panic.     I can't breathe.
What's happening?        What happened to me?
Flashes. Bursts. I start to remember. I thought she came back.
But she did?  Right?  She was here?  Right?
Maybe it was all one big delusion.
                                                   I went insane.
          Is this hell?
All of a sudden I hear a distant scream.
                            Who is that?

> present day <

I wake up and look at Mike in a deep sleep.
I smile a little. I'd better not wake him.            He needs sleep. We both know it.

So I go about everything like normal.
I get ready for the day and walk into the kitchen for breakfast with Hop.

He smiles a little at me and I smile back.
" So, how'd you sleep? " he asked, with food still in his mouth. Disgusting.
" The best I've slept in a while. " I replied and took a bite of my eggo.
" Good, I'm glad. " I know he's been worried about me. As I've said, I just can't sleep...
I was about to reply when I heard a loud scream from my room. And then there was just loud sobbing.
" What the hell is that? "
" My TV! I left it on. Sorry. I'll go turn it off now! " I got up and ran to my room, slamming shut and locking the door behind me.

- M I K E -
- present day -

I look up.
Oh my god. It's her. El, she's okay?
But how?
That doesn't matter right now. She walks over to me and sits next to me, instantly pulling me into a hug.
I thought I'd never get to touch her again. That seemed so real.
" What happened? " She asks calmly and quietly.
" Nightmare. So real. " I managed to choke out.
It was just a nightmare.
She holds me closer and I take in the moment. She's safe. I'm safe.
We're fine. This, this is fine.
She kisses my head and I know, I'm not so crazy after all.




Hey! What do you guys think? I'm sorry if this is really bad. But I just love mileven so much and decided I should write about it even tho my writing sucks.
Well, bye for now!

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