CH 2

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"Babe" Chandler said softly in my ear "We've started our descent into Doncaster." Jordan opened his eyes and stretched, looking over he saw Tom in the bathroom brushing his teeth while Chandler did his hair next to him. "We're still going to dinner?" Jordan asked, feeling kinda gross and groggy. "The bathroom has a small shower, you still have time" Tom offered and Jordan nodded before grabbing his bag that had a change of clothes and chasing Tom out of the restroom before Tom said "Also Doncaster is wet and cold, that's what she said, so dress warm."

Tom wore a fur line coat and black jeans, Chandler looked as if he was dressed for the winter apocalypse as he wore three different coats; being from Indiana Jordan wasn't a stranger to the cold but poor Chandler who was from the warm South, has only been cold like twice in his life.

They stepped off the plane into a rainy afternoon, well it wasn't real rain, it was more of a drizzle, but it was definitely wet. "We'll take a bus to Louis' house, we'll be there in life half an hour" Tom said as they got their luggage right from the plane instead of going to baggage claim. "A bus?" Chandler asked, worriedly.

"Don't worry, the Brits mind their own business more than Americans, they don't usually swarm. If anything they'll take a cheeky pic of you when they think you're not looking" Tom reassured them "I take the buses and trains all the time, especially in London where it's a nightmare to drive. I'll pay for the bus since I assume I'm the only one with pounds, you guys can repay me back by giving me a pound sometime" Tom said with an eyebrow wiggle. "Pun intended?" Chandler asked and Tom just gave that mischievous smile.

"Oh wow Britain actually does have two story buses" Jordan said as a double decker bus came into view. "More people take the bus than drive cause gas is so expensive" Tom explained as the bus stopped in front of them and he paid for their fare before they followed him up to the second floor.

The bus had a lot people inside of it but it wasn't noisy and loud like American buses tended to be, there wasn't anyone blasting music out of speakers, or anyone shouting at each other or into their phones and calling it a conversation.

Doncaster looked like something out of a movie set, with the tall, narrow houses that had no space between them that are so often seen in movies or on tv. It was very green, with moss growing on walls and on sidewalks and even though all of the trees were bare, it was still very green with all the grass and shrubs. "So the stereotype of crappy British weather is true huh? Always raining?" Chandler asked. "Kinda, well there are some parts of the island that have better weather but yeah you get used to the wet pretty quick being a Brit" Tom answered.

"We should go sightseeing sometime, see some British castles and stuff" Chandler said, placing an arm around Jordan shoulders and getting comfortable in his seat . "Conisbrough Castle isn't far I'm sure we can squeeze it in, it's so small you can see the entire thing in like an hour" Tom nodded "And Brodsworth Hall isn't far either but that's a little dull if I'm being honest." "Have you been to these places?" Jordan asked. "Nah you learn about them in school, I actually haven't been to Doncaster before" Tom replied.

"No? Why not" Chandler asked. "Well...have you ever been to Kentucky?" Tom asked instead of answering Chandler's question. "No, why would I go to Kentucky?" Chandler asked. "Exactly, I haven't been to Doncaster for the same reasons you haven't been to Kentucky" Tom said with a chuckle. "Fair enough" Chandler agreed. 

They got off the bus in the middle of what would probably be downtown as they were surrounded by shops and down the street a bit was a large mall. "C'mon" Tom said, looking at his phone, where he had Louis' address in an email. "It's cold here" Jordan commented, trying to find a way to keep his hands in my pockets while holding onto his bags. "Here" Chandler said, taking off one of his coats and handing it to me as soon as Jordan said it. "I'm cold too, mate" Tom said but Chandler just rolled his eyes "Well damn Tom, I can't control the weather."

We walked to a house that was next to a church and when we got to the front door Tom almost crashed into another guy who was walking out of the house as a voice inside shouted after him "You can take your opinion and shove it up your arse!" "I'm only telling you because I care" the guy yelled over his shoulder, which is what made him run into Tom.

"Sorry" the guy grunted to Tom as he closed the door behind him. "Harry Styles?" Jordan asked. "Oh, hi" Harry said before buttoning up his coat "You're here for Louis' band thing right?" "Yeah" Jordan nodded, kinda amazed that Harry was talking to him. "Do me a favour, don't let Louis push himself too hard ok, he feels like he needs to prove himself but he really doesn't" Harry said and before the guys could ask what he meant, or give any real introductions, he got into a car and drove off.

"What was that all about?" Chandler asked, watching Harry's car as the car turned and went out of sight behind a building. "Maybe we found out why One Direction broke up" Tom said.

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