Part 3

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/Three Weeks Later/

Lief looked at his reflection in the mirrors surrounding him as his maidservant fussed over his robes.

There was always something jarring about seeing himself in such formal attire, his hair combed back and out of his eyes. He looked too different.

Too mature.

He shuddered, he looked like his father.

He stepped down from his pedestal and his maid smiled at him.

"Oh sir, you are simply the most handsome young king, I'm sure Miss Jasmine will be all over you."

Lief blushed and looked at the maid.

"me and Jasmine- Jasmine and I- We're not-"

The maid smiled knowingly.

Jasmine stared at herself in her own set of mirrors.

Chin up, eyes down, straight back, smile demurely.

She'd been given lessons since living in the castle, how to properly sit and stand and wave as a lady of the court should.

Not that she'd ever tell anyone, but she kind of enjoyed it.

Of course, all the constant rules and maids chasing after her were annoying, but there was something about being able to act so differently from her usual self. The way her walk suddenly caught people's eyes or how a simple smile would leave the young lords speechless.

She was no longer seen as the forest creature that was dragged in with the king.

She took her maid's hand and she helped her step down off her pedestal.

She glanced at her reflection once more.

Not to mention all of the dresses she had been given, made especially for her.

This dress was certainly her favourite so far. It was emerald green velvet, with off-white sleeves that went off the shoulder and flared past her fingertips. The long skirt was empire waisted and was tied with a matching white ribbon. Lining the bottom of the skirt were strings of small pearls that sat in swirls of White against the deep green.

Her maid sat her down in front of the vanity and began to do her hair, pulling back its dark curls into a tight braid that fell from the crown of her head. Around the braid, she twisted thin strings of pearls.

"I think you're ready Miss Jasmine."

She smiled.

"Thank you so much for your help ma'am."

The maid gasped and put a hand to her heart.

"Oh dearest child, don't you thank me, I'm honoured just to be able to help the future queen of Deltora get ready."

Jasmine made a face, was there a single person in the castle who didn't at least suspect that jasmine and lief were an item?

She leaned forward to the mirror and carefully pulled some of the small curls from the braid, just enough to frame her face.

She stared at her reflection.

It stared back.

"I suppose we'd better head down? Cant keep Lief waiting."

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