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"Ohkkkkk." There was a long suffering sigh from the kitchen. "I think he is seriously stressed, Sri." The drawling voice continued unhappily. "I didn't think he meant it when he said he would shoot the books."

Reyansh bit off his tongue trying not to mouth obscenities when he heard the voice. Friends. The watchman had said friends. Plural.

And it looked like all his friends were here at his home. Oh God. Reyansh never felt a more irresistible urge to pull out his gun and start firing indiscriminately.

Shreya was bad. There was no doubt about that. She was twenty eight, bossy, and had deceptively curly hair, which hid the fact that she was bossy. But to make up for that, Shreya had pointed gray eyes which always made Reyansh feel like she was going to make him read Shakespeare. And that was bad.

What was worse was the asshole who had spoken. At six feet with brown laughing eyes, the jerk answered the name to Shankar Churl. Other than be a brilliant thief who had hit just about every single museum that Reyansh knew about, Shankar made it his full time job just to get Shreya to marry him. Which was sadly very normal, given Reyansh's life. Shreya and Shankar were living in for the last ten years and neither saw it fit to marry each other. And Reyansh was seriously not asking any questions. Because he was beginning to get freaked out. If Shankar was here, it meant that...

"Hey DCP, don't be so pissed, man. Some of those romance books are actually nice." The gruff and coarse voice came from the sofa and Reyansh realized that his day was complete. He just did not need anything else to ruin it anymore.

"Hi Raghav." Reyansh said listlessly looking at the six and half feet tall and very broad man who was Shankar's best friend and he was a thief too and Raghav had made it his full time job to punch people, whom Shreya did not like. And it hurt. The punches, that is.

"Sri was very worked up saying that you were not taking rest and all that. I didn't believe her at first. But now, I realize that she is right." Shankar continued as he was sipping the coffee from the cup.

The strong coffee made Reyansh feel weak. Or it could just be that Reyansh realized that he was going to have a bad day. He should have arrested these three.... people. In a moment of weakness, he had ignored all that and in a moment of greater weakness, he had actually helped Shankar save Shreya and Raghav's life. Oh Fuck. That was the whole reason for this... crap.

And Reyansh realized that the three of them had actually moved into his home. He just prayed that it was only for today. Because Reyansh knew what was going to follow. And Reyansh was cowering in fear. Shreya would drag him to some Godforsaken mall and if he was really unlucky, make him watch some movie and then if he was even more unluckier, in the evening, she would take him to some place which was probably filled with beautiful hot girls... Fuck, his life sucked. His life really would be so much better without his friends.

Shreya suddenly looked cross and for once her attention was not at Reyansh.

"Where is my coffee?" She demanded from Shankar.

Shankar with his entire six feet height froze for a whole of a second. Then he looked like an total fool as he smiled brightly at Shreya. "Raghav is going to make it."

There was a two minute silence at Shankar's sentence.

And then Raghav blinked. "I am?" He asked after staring for a few minutes when he realized that Shankar had said his name. "When...?"

It was a completely useless conversation because Shreya and Shankar were totally not listening to anyone else. They were too busy staring at each other. That stare.... That yuckily boring romantic stare.

"Get a fucking room, guys!" Reyansh said and he just stopped himself from sneering. God, these two were unmanageable.

"Are you jealous, DCP?" That was from Raghav.

The other two were still too busy.... never mind.

"SHUT UP!" Reyansh snapped back and he was never admitting that Raghav was right. Not even for a second.

Reyansh then turned to Raghav halfheartedly and he was still annoyed. "When these two assholes have finished staring at each other, tell them to make a coffee for me too."

He just walked away from the place struggling not to cuss.

Fifteen minutes later, long after a bath, Reyansh had decided that he had really hidden long enough in the bathroom as he took another deep breath. He just summoned all his bravery and then again found himself in the hall of his own home.

And the world did not seem to be such an evil place. When Shreya handed him the steaming cup of dark coffee, for a second Reyansh was actually feeling normal. And at that time, Reyansh was just glad that the two idiots had at least stopped gaping at each other.

Two sips of coffee later, Reyansh was feeling a little more stronger.

Then he started feeling a little more like his own nasty self. He had brought home the files on Rik. He was damned if he was going to let Shreya drag him out. He was going to put his foot down and get some work done... and all these thoughts were courtesy of the coffee.

"I have heard you cook well." Shreya started as she was presumably measuring the windows. Or at least Reyansh had no other idea of what she was doing near the windows and staring so closely at it.

"I can eat what I cook...." Reyansh said rolling his eyes and Reyansh suddenly stopped talking.

In fact, all of them stopped what they were doing. Which was actually nothing.

Because there was a sudden knock on the door.

Point Number One, most of the times, Reyansh was never home. Point Number Two, Reyansh never had visitors. Which was followed by Point Number Three – that no one knocked at his door when Reyansh was at home.

Reyansh did not even know it, as he pulled the gun from the table and was staring at the door.

Naturally things had to go bad.

"What the hell are you doing?" That was from Shreya. And she actually looked slightly more than disgusted. "I know you are a cop and that everyone tries to kill you at some point of time and all that crap. But seriously, if anyone wants to kill you, would they knock on the door and then shoot you?"

What was really unforgivable was that Shreya actually sounded confused instead of using a scathing tone.

Reyansh stared. And he was seriously never admitting that Shreya could be right. It was a serious dent to his self esteem. Instead Reyansh turned to Shankar. "Tell your woman to keep her mouth shut. Now." He just hoped he sounded threatening and not whining. Just that the poor guy actually sounded stupid. But luckily the cop did not know it.

Shankar unfortunately knew that.

"Sweetheart no smart talking." He told Shreya with a sweet smile. "Smart girls are really not Rey's type. I think that he gets put off by people who speak smartly."

"SHUT UP!" Reyansh snarled and it really did not help that both Shreya and Raghav were giggling. Openly.

Snarling angrily, Reyansh crossed the hall and opened the door of the home.

He had not relinquished the hold over his gun. Just that he was pointing it down.

And on opening the door, he stared. And he stared some more. He almost panicked because the scene outside the door remained stubbornly the same.

And Reyansh realized that he should not have brought the gun at all. He should have brought a stupid bazooka. And blown everyone up.

Then all this would never be happening.

Because standing outside his home were Special Inspector Arnav Saxena and his wife Kritika. And Kritika had a huge parcel in her hands and both the man and his wife were staring very stupidly at Reyansh. Pretty much the same stupid way that Shankar and Shreya were doing until a few seconds back. 

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