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My dog, Rufus, and I stood next to each other staring up at the large two-story house that sat on a huge plot of land overlooking a lake. We moaned in unison. Even in the dark, I could tell there wasn't another house  too close by. It felt like we were in the middle of nowhere.

My mom bounced down the front steps and over to the car. I placed my hands on my hips and stared up into the home's front windows. Moonlight gleamed off the glass. The house was a Victorian style and seemed rather old.

"Let's bring our suitcases in, huh?" my mom said.

I nodded and went to grab my bags. Once inside, I could tell the house was definitely old.

"It's like the Antique Roadshow threw up in here," I grimaced.

My mom flipped on a few more lights. "Don't say that. Mrs. Callahan has some very expensive pieces in this house."

"And old," I added.

My mom shrugged. "Well, yeah, and old."

We dragged our bags in past the foyer and over to a wooden staircase.

"Mrs. Callahan told me everything over the phone and left me only one key under the mat. I'm sure we can make you a copy though, just in case."

"Just in case of what?" I asked.

"In case you meet some friends and need a key," she replied as she lugged her suitcase up the stairs.

I was too tired to argue. I would've told her that I doubted I'd make any friends there. It didn't seem like there was another living person for miles.

The wood flooring squeaked under our feet as we got up to the second floor. My mom flipped the light switch on the hallway wall, but the lights didn't come on.

"You've got to be kidding me with this place, mom!" I groaned.

She sighed and felt her way down the wall until she found a door. Reaching inside, she finally found a light switch. That bedroom's light illuminated the hallway just enough for us to continue down the hall.

"Gemma," my mom said. "I know we're both tired and cranky, so let's just pick a room and get some rest for tonight. In the morning we can check out the rest of the house and decide which bedrooms we want to stay in, okay?"

"Okay," I agreed as I chose the first bedroom I found. "I'll sleep here tonight."

"I'll take a room across the hall. Good night, Gem."

I said good night to my mom and dumped my bags onto the wooden floor inside the bedroom. My mom was right; I was tired and cranky. A four poster bed sat in the middle of the farthest wall and was framed by tiny side tables. I turned on a Tiffany lamp on one of the tables and took a seat on the bed to test its comfort. A cloud of dust sprung up from under me and I coughed. Rufus whined and I gave him a sympathetic look.

"I'll see if mom will let me take you with me when I go home early, okay?"

He wagged his tail. The bedroom had an attached bathroom, so after fishing out my small vanity bag with my toothbrush inside of it, I padded across the floor. The bathroom was larger than I expected. It had a stand-alone sink of white porcelain and a four clawed white tub. A tall antique mirror was hung on the wall over floral wallpaper.

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