Chapter 4 - Hush in the library

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CHAPTER 4 - Hush in the library

"Class dismissed ! See you tomorrow and don't forget to bring the written analysis of the poems we've talked about today".  Mr. Williams finally says after 2 hours of french literature.

As usual it was a great class. I got to share the analysis I had made of Verlaine's poem and I think I may have earn some good points from the teacher.

As I'm picking my stuff back again to go put some of it in a locker near the classroom, Lea turns to me, "Nina, we're all going to the school's garden near the fountain. You're coming right?''

I look at her and Dylan who is currently standing next to her also waiting for my response. But I bring up my most innocent pleading smile, "Umm actually guys, I think I'm just gonna go to the library and finish up my homework for tomorrow."

"Girl...Meg was right, you should not keep your attention focused on school stuff every minute of the day" Lea advises but I know it's all going to be worth it so I just nod and smile gently, '' As soon as I'm a Head girl, I'll start letting go a little bit. But you know school work is kind of my thing, so I'm very ok doing it''.

''Yeah I know...Well see you later then'', she sighs but keeps a gentle smile on her face. 

Lea is that kind of person. Always smiling kindly. And she's a very good friend, one of the best actually. She also knows how to keep a straight face and be very serious, which I admire a lot. If you think about it, she's the complete opposite of Megan, but as matter of fact, I am too. Maybe that's why we are so good together, we kinda complete one another being so different.

I watch my two friends leave ahead and when they're not in my eyesight anymore, I put most of my books on a locker that I choose next to my classroom. 

Like always, I go for number 23, cause that's my favorite. I don't know why, I just like it. 

I start walking towards the library once I'm done with my locker, and as soon as I arrive, I can't help but check if the bookshelf at the entrance of the library has received a new book for me to read. 

But nothing new yet. That's disappointing. 

It would have been a nice little break before the heavy working.

Guess it's just work today then.

When I spot my usual sit in the library, I notice that's there's someone just in front of it, with his /or/ her head hidden behind a huge book. Oh well, in general I'm always alone in this area, but apparently today I have a silent company. 

I ignore the presence of the person and just sit in my spot putting my books down. I take my glasses off their case and put them on my face, before lowering my head to the table and starting the written analysis.

''Two times on the first day? I must really be cursed.'', I hear that well known voice echo. I look up and see that the former head behind a book turns out to be Hayden's stupid face. ''Following me weirdo ?'', he smirks, lifting one eyebrow.

''Piss off.'' I bite back, getting annoyed just looking at him. 

''Damn spiky ! Why so upset ? That little boyfriend of yours, Mart' something, left you all alone in the library ?'', he provokes and I just glare at him.

''It's Martin you know it, we've been in the same school for years. Stop pretending like you're not aware. And he's NOT my boyfriend''.

''Couldn't care less babe. No need to convince me.'' 

''Don't babe me Scott.'' I shake my head at him in a mean way.

''Why ?'' he pouts mockingly, ''Is it giving you chills ?'' His smirk widdens and I just roll my eyes at his stupidity. 

''Oh bite me !'' I whisper loudly cause we're still in a library, plus my infuriated look says it all already, so no need to scream at dickface.

'' I would but you smell funny.'' he says, so seriously that I impulsively frown and sniffle myself.

Do I ? 

And that's when he bursts out laughing, driving attention to us from the librarian, who lift her finger to her lips and hushes us.

I instantly facepalm myself from being so stupid. Why would I even do that ? I don't care how I smell to him for christ's sake ! It was just a reflex, and apparently I was not even subtle about it.

Way to go champion of awkwardness.

As I frown at him for his stupid reaction at my stupid move, I can't help but notice how nice his laughing face looks. It seems like... real you know. I don't think I've ever seen him laugh like that in all those years, that I had to put up with his annoying presence in my life.

''That was almost cute.'' he finally meets my eyes, and the stupid girl in me blushes slightly, ''But unfortunately it was from you, so it just killed the vibe.'' he grins.

And... the dickhead is back.

My blush completely gone, I shoot my glare at him, ''Are you going to leave ? Or do I need to go, for you to get the hell out of my face?'' I think he's the one person that can make me turn into a rude cursing bitch in a matter of seconds, and I hate him for that.

''I was going anyways, so you can just finish what you were doing so unsuccessfully. Just know that if you need any help, well, don't come to me.'', he tells me with a smirk before getting up and leaving to wherever his stupid brain has decided to go.

I sigh loudly, feeling as if I had worked for a whole day without a break.

 That guys tires me up so much. 

Thank god I don't spend all my day with him in my personal space.

Okay forget about the nitwit Nina and let's get back to work.

I look at my sheet, and start to right :

'In my analysis of Verda.....'







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