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Since The Waitress hit 3k reads I wanted to give back to you guys by giving you all a sneak peek at my drafts, just my Power Rangers ones for the moment. Yes, I surprisingly plan to write more than just Power Rangers, but it's still mostly Power Rangers.

I'm at about 50 drafts and will choose the ones that I like and put them into this book for you all to choose which one is best to release first. Whichever one you guys think is the best (gets the most votes) will be released first. You can comment on the ones you don't vote for as well, even if you think they aren't the best.


1. You can only vote for one draft, unless it's impossible to choose between two, then you can choose two. It's still preferred that you choose just one.

2. You can rank other drafts after the best one if you like.

3. Comments, criticism, and advice are appreciated.

Most likely not all of these stories will be released, but these are my favorites and I feel like these are the ones I will most likely write. Sorry if the summaries of the plots aren't very good, I'm not great at summarizing. Other than that, I hope you like reading some of my random ideas.

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