Intro chappeh: THE INVITATION~! ✉

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Not going to get to lemon level, but not for innocent minds! You have been warned!

Might also have some OOC (out of character) moments.

Also, I will say this one time and one time alone! I do not own the Bleach anime or any of its characters! I do, however, one a bottle of cleaning bleach, my OC, and the plot in the story you are reading at the moment.



Hi, my name is Claire Hitsogima. I have long light, almost white, blonde hair and red eyes. I have a C sized bust, skinny waist, and moderately sized hips. I almost always wear my glasses cause I don't like contacts. Too uncomfortable. I love Music and dancing.

I just move to Karukura town yesterday and luckily I met a really nice girl at school yesterday. Orihime Inoue. She invited me over to eat with her and her friends at lunch and texted me some last night.

Now I'm at my second day of school and walking down the hall.


I turned around and smiled at Inoue.

"Hey Orihime. How are you today?" I asked with a slight bow.

"I'm great! Hey! I'm having a party at my home tonight and I thought you might like to come!" She said excitedly.

"Woah! Really?!" I gasped. "Thanks Orihime! I'd love to come! What time?"

"It starts at six o'clock. I'll text you my address! Oh, excuse me. Uryuu-kun!" She waved at me before running to take with the ravennette boy, probably inviting him as well.

I walked to my next class with a huge smile on my face, unable to contain my excitement.

I hope the day goes by quick!


I knocked on Orihime's door, dressed in black shorts that went midthigh, knee high black boots, an oversized red and black striped hoody over a grey tanktop, and my hair in a low ponytail.

Maybe not the most party-like outfit, but who really cares, right?

"Oh, Claire!" Orihime cried happily, throwing open the door and hugging me tightly. "You're just on time!"

She let me go and I grew shy as I realized there were alot of other people here.

"Well you said six o'clock so I didn't want to be late..." I murmured, poking my pointer fingers together nervously. She giggled at me and grabbed my hands, swinging me into the house quickly.

"Go have fun Claire!" She encouraged. "Don't be shy! No one's going to bite!"

I had a hard time believing that as I glanced at a large man with spiky black hair, an eye patch, and unnaturally sharp teeth as he laughed.

"O-Okay..." I mumbled, walking myself over to a corner and sitting with my knees to my chest. I sat there with my chin on my knees and watched the partygoers laugh and socialize.

I've never been big on people, considering I was bullied a lot in my old town because of my glasses.

"Hey." A kind sounding voice said. I looked up at a big busted woman with orange hair as she smiled down at me. "What're you doing over here all by yourself?"

"I.... I've never been to a party before. I don't know what to do... So I thought I'd just kind of watch...." I said quietly, my voice slightly muffled as I kept the lower part of my face behind my arms, which were crossed and rested on my knees.

"Well that's no fun!" She said cheerfully, sitting in front of me. I tightened my hold on my knees a bit, slightly uncomfortable by her kindness. "So this is your first party then?"

I nodded silently, studying her curiously.


"How come you've never been to one before?"

"I just moved here yesterday..." I explained. "And the kids in my old town didn't like me too much..."

"Why not? You seem nice enough." She asked, tilting her head curiously.

"It was.... Because of my glasses..." I whispered, resting my head on my arms. "I was the only one in my class with glasses... No one wanted to even be my friend, let alone invite me to a party."

"Well that's not right!" She suddenly yelled, frightening me and making me look at her in shock. She grinned widely and grabbed both my hands. "I'll be your friend, Claire right?"

I nodded silently, still shocked and she laughed.

"I'm Rangiku, by the way."

We talked about all kinds of things. Our favorite foods, colors, movies, sports, books, games, etc. As we talked, I gradually broke out of my shell.

"Okay everyone!" Orihime called, clapping her hands as she stood on the couch. "It's time to play a game and I choose..... Fifteen minutes in heaven!"

Some people groaned in distaste and others, Rangiku for example, cheered in joy. Meanwhile, I was lost in complete confusion.

"What's that?" I asked Rangiku quietly, tugging lightly at her shirt sleeve. She gasped dramatically.

"You don't know what fifteen minutes in heaven is?!" She cried.

"Nuh-uh... Is that... Bad?..." I asked hesitantly. She smiled.

"Well you're in for a surprise. That's all I'm going to say." She giggled, making me nervous.

"Do I have to play?" I asked quietly.

"Yes you do!" She yelled, pointing at me. My eyes crossed as I looked at her finger, which was lightly touching my nose. I blinked and looked at her.

"O-Okay Rangiku" I said. No use in arguing over something trivial like a simple game, right?

"Boys, put something of yours in this pillow case and girls, close your eyes!" Orihime ordered. We all did as told until she said the girls could re-open our eyes. She skipped over to me with a smile.

"Claire! Since you're new, you get to go first!" She said cheerfully. Everyone looked at me and I instantly grew shy again.

"O-Okay Orihime...." I said nervously, reaching my hand into the case. I grabbed the first thing my fingers touch and pulled it out to see.....

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