Chapter 5 (Being Close)

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Your POV~~~

Now it has been 3 months. It feels like I met BTS just now but dude chill it was a long time ago. I feel so guilty because I think I have developed a tiny bit crush on Taehyung. Other than that everything seems fine, at least now I am not stared by Tae and Jungkook like I am the last girl species on the planet.

I was spacing out in my room until a heard a 'ding' on my phone. It was a message from Namjoon. I opened my phone to see a message that said "sorry." I then remembered what happened today at the library with RM and my smile was replaced by a frown. It has been my routine to go to the library with RM and discuss books. But I don't know if I will ever go again because of what happened today.


After school, I went to the library as usual and said "Hi" and waved to RM. He waved back but avoided to reply my greeting as the librarian was standing just beside him. I giggled a bit and then just went sat down next to him.

When the librarian went away, I asked him "what was she saying?" He answered, "She was giving me the book I asked for." "Oh, that one which we were talking about yesterday?" He nodded. Then we both started reading.

After some time I felt a little thirsty so I wanted to fetch a glass of water. I asked him "Hey I am going to get a glass of water. Do you want one?" He said, "I'll just come with you." I nodded and he stood to go with me. We walked towards the cooler. I turned around to see whether is he actually coming or not. Suddenly his foot slipped on water spilled on the floor and his hands landed on the wall, actually like a cage around me.

Aish! The kids nowadays spill water on the library's floor. Then at that moment, I realized how close we both were and how bad it seems in third person's POV. Heat rushed to my cheeks, but instead of pushing him, me being a complete idiot just stared in his dark orbs. He was also staring at me but then his stare went on my lips.

I knew what was about to come. I gulped harshly in fear. He brought his face closer and our lips were no more than 2 inches apart. Suddenly thank goodness realization hit me and I pushed him away. I was so flustered by what happened that I ran away not even giving him a chance to speak.

~Flashback over~

I kept staring at the screen and read the message for the 100th time since I don't know what to do. Is he sincere with that sorry or just playing around? I felt bad for not giving him a chance to speak but also felt cringy. I know he has a crush on me by the way he looks at me but I just can't return his feelings. It sounds cruel but I know I just can't. I always saw him as a friend.

Luckily it was Friday so I still had 3 days to figure out what to do and do not make the situation worse with namjoon or entire BTS who trust me. So I decided to meet RM and talk about this matter rather than worsening it. I texted him.

Hey! Can we meet tomorrow in the cafe near my house? - Y/N
Yeah sure. Are you okay with that? -RM
Yeah - Y/N

I sighed as I switched off my phone and slowly drifted to sleep. I just hope the meeting with Namjoon does not go bad. I will surely sort things out once we meet.

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