Rescued by a Wolf Pack

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What if Saffron never tried the Omega act, POW was Just Alpha Patton, and Logan and Saf got together a whole lot sooner? In this bonus story, something unexpected changes Sold to a Wolf Pack history.

This is an alternate universe STAWP bonus story, where BronzeFlicker shows up and gets to meet POW and Saffron. 


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"I'm sorry," I whisper as POW speeds down the highway.

"You were a part of it?" POW yells, looking away from the road to glare at me.

"No. No!" I cry. I can't believe Dad was cheating at poker against humans. It's bad enough that he just sold me to a Pissed Off Wolf to settle his gambling debt, but now he's been cheating people out of their life savings too? I'm about to explain all this to POW—to beg him to believe me—when I spot a girl lying diagonally across the highway. "Watch out!" I scream at the top of my lungs and tighten my grip on my duffel bag.

"Fur!" POW shouts and and slams on the breaks, hard. The truck jolts, the seatbelt pins me against my seat, and my insides lurch. The tires start to squeal in protest, loud and terrifying, while POW curses and keeps his foot on the break. Each second feels like an eternity as the distance between the girl and the truck keeps decreasing.

Stop! Please stop! I pray to the Moon Goddess. I feel sick at the thought of running over her body and slam my eyelids shut as I wait for the jolt.

My insides lurch again and the truck stops. I'm almost too afraid to look, but when I do I realize we've managed to stop mere inches from the girl. Her short red curls stands out against the dark concrete, framing a too pale freckled face. Something sparkles in the sun, and I spot a silver moon pendant resting just above the neckline of her black crop top. Which should be the last thing I notice, because the rest of her doesn't look good. Her left spaghetti strap is torn, and blood coats her neck and arm. Her distressed jeans are covered in dirt and mud, and one of her her black booties is missing.

"What happened?" I whisper as a dozen thoughts race through my mind. Was she running from someone? Did they carry her and leave her body in the middle of the highway? Who would do such a thing? And is she dead?

"Saffron, don't look. Okay?" POW says. I glace at him, surprised by his concerned tone, and watch him open the truck door and jump out. "I'm going to call an ambulance. Can you stay in the truck for me while I do that?"

"Yeah." I nod and stay rooted in my seat for a split second longer. Then, I throw open the truck door, climb out, and land softly on the concrete. POW doesn't even glance my way as he crosses the rest of the distance to the girl, and I grip my duffel bag to my chest and slowly back away toward the trees. My gaze zeroes in on the body as I move, and that's when the fingers on her left hand twitch.

"She's not dead," I cry, completely forgetting all about running away. Dad taught me some basic first aid, and I race toward the girl, ready to do everything I can until the ambulance gets here.

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