family once again.

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Kitten pov
I wake up to see I'm in a room and I have no clue where I'm am. So I get out of the bed and look around the room. I see a poster with what's looks like me but with a clown girl.( a/n yes all the fnaf games not fnaf 6. So fnaf 1 though 5 ok. Ok) I hear the door opens and I see a 3 girls one looks like a chicken. Ones looks like the one from the poster and the other one looks like a ballerina. Kitten your awake. The one said that looks chicken. OOO we are so sorry if we scard you. Foxy can get over wellem sometimes. She said. (A/n by the way they are in human forms) it's ok. I say. Kitten welcome home. And my name is chica that's baby, and Ballora. She said. Home? Now that I think about it. This is my home and your my family. I say as she came up and hugged me. I missed you guys so much. I'm so so so sorry that I got kidnapped. I say. Its ok. Kitten that's in the past and we can make so many cupcakes again. She saids. Then why are we in my bedroom and not in the kitchen. I say and we all run out and by the boys who did not notice us.  Once we got to the kitchen I asked. So what kind of cupcakes will we make? I asked and it was hard to pick. Lets make all kinds of cupcakes and see if the guys notice if you are missing from your room. Chica said. I know all of you so no need for incouctions. Lets get started. I say and we all get to work.

Old freddy pov
I go and check up on kitten to see if she is awakened but when I opened her door she was not there. GUYS KITTEN GONE!I yelled. WHAT HOW CAN THAT BE?! Golden Freddy said. We all here laughter from the kitchen we all go and opened the door. We all see chica,baby, Ballora and kitten. Guys its so fun to make cupcakes with you all again. Kitten said and got up and sit on the bar Stoll. So how is everyone doing. Kitten asked. Well Freddy is freddy, bonnie is bonnie and everyone is still the same. Chica said. Heh, it's funny that everyone is still the same person that I remember. Kitten said. Yep chica said maker g the p pop. Well I can't believe that you of all people can here to get a job. Chica said well when people make fun of you or being forgotten. It was hard for me or get this job and I was happy. She said what happened when I went missing? She asked. Well all of us was wondering who would hurt you or kidnapped you. We all had hope you would come back right after you went missing but that never happened and everyone of us was sad. Chica said. I  run up to kitten and hugged her. I miss you.  Huh? Freddy? She said and breaks away from the hug and turns around to look at me. FREDDY! she yelled and hugs me and I hug back. Look at you! You look as pretty as you did as you where as a little girl. I say. Well we all miss you. I say. Hey want to see everyone and day hi. I say. Sure but I don't want to be over wellen. Freddy saids, how about I get a couple at a time and we will go from there. He said and walks out of the kiction. I sit down and waited. Then some one can then the vines and I keep on heeding this little boys voice say hi.
"HI!" that little boy saids again and he sounds rigth next to me."hi?" I asked and look to my side. There was a little boy with a sing and bollons. "I'm bb and nice to meet you kitten!" He saids happy and then runs off. "Ok then" I say out lound. I lay my head on the counter and fall asleep.

(A/n thanks for the wait! Here is the new chapter! In till next time bye!)

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