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My hand was playing with Cloves hair as her head layed on my chest, I loved this human so much.

It was around 10 o'clock before I started to get up without waking her, seeing as she was curled up to my side.

I had just gotten out of her bed when I heard the buzzing of her phone, I ran towards hopping to stop it from waking her.

I grabbed the phone looking to see who was calling and saw 'Embry 🐾' I pressed decline not wanting them to wake her before setting it onto her dresser, and leaving through the window.

The next morning I woke up to my alarm clock blaring, I looked up to see it read 6AM. I got up and closed my window remembering that Jasper stayed with me through the night.

I went into the bathroom before hopping into the shower, and washing my hair and body. Once I got out I dried my hair and got dressed.

I grabbed my phone, went downstairs, grabbed my traditional apple before walking out as Jasper pulled up on his motorcycle

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I grabbed my phone, went downstairs, grabbed my traditional apple before walking out as Jasper pulled up on his motorcycle.

"Morning ma'am, you look beautiful." He greeted as I got on the back of the bike, clenching my arms around his strong torso.

"Good morning Jazz and thank you." I responded as Jasper rode off, my hands tightening around him while my head rested itself on his back.

Once we got to the school he parked his bike next to the family before we both got off and joined the group.

Once we were meant against the Jeep, Jasper's arm slung itself over my shoulders pulling me to him. His head leant down kissing my cheek, as my head leant back onto him.

"I love you." I stated looking into his eyes, as the other Cullen's had they're own conversation.

He looked at me smiling as his arm went from my shoulders to my waist turning me so I was facing him before responding, "And I you Clove."

After a few minutes of just sitting in comfortable silence, I felt a full ache in my head wincing as a sharp pain went through my left tempel.

"Are you okay Clo?" Alice questioned noticing my obvious pain.

"Uh yeah, just a small headache." I answered, as I felt Jasper place his head into the crook of my neck, the coolness of his skin feeling releaving.

I got worried glances from all the Cullen's/Hales, most likely because in they're eyes I was a small, fragile human which compared to them I was. A small smile broke onto my face before reassuring them I would be fine.

"Okay but if it gets worse let me know." Danny stated with a worried expression, as I raised my eyebrows.

"He was a doctor's apprentice." Alice exclaimed noticing my obvious confusion.

I nodded my head, an 'o' forming around my mouth. All the head snapped towards the doors as the school bell rang announcing school has begun.

Rose, Jazz and I walked to first period in silence, immediately walking to the back at our entrance. Rose sat across from Jasper and I, Angela joining her a few minutes after.

Today we were watching some random movie, and I frankly didn't care for it. I laid my head down to the desk, sighing at the cold tempature of it, my teeth chattering at the chills it sent down my spine.

"Clove pull your head up." Rose asked, concern lacing her tone. I pulled my head up, her cold hand reaching out to feel my forehead.

"You're burning up." She stated, pulling her hand back only to be replaced by Jasper's.

"You should go home." Jasper continued for her while he reached down into my bag and grabbed my spare water bottle that I always kept in there.

I layed my head back onto the desk groaning before stating, "I can't, I don't have a car and my dad's not home to call me out."

"Call your dad and tell him you're sick, I'll call Carlisle and I'll take you home." Jasper responded as he got up, grabbed my messanger bag before leading me out of the classroom.

I opened my phone and pressed in my dad's number before putting the phone to my ear.

"Hey sweet pea, what's good?" Dad asked sounding happy to talk to me.

"Hey Dad, I don't feel to good, is there any chance you can call the school to let me out?" I asked with hope as Jasper was a few feet away calling Carlisle.

"Sure thing sweetie, feel better. I'll call them now." He stated before hanging up right as Jasper walked back towards me.

His arm circled around my waist while his other went back up to my forehead before he exclaimed, "Yeah you definitely need to to home, what did your dad say?"

"He said he would call in so lets go pick up our slips." I responded as we both walked to the office, after we got our slips we made our way to his bike.
I got on behind him, my arms going around his waist holding him tightly.

It didn't take long to get to the house considering the town's population was either at work or school. After Jasper pulled into my driveway, we both got off and made our way inside.

We made our way to the stairs only for me to stop and look up at him with pleading eyes before asking, "carry me?"

"You are lucky you're cute." He gave in before picking me up bridal style and carrying me up the stairs as my head snuggled into his cold chest.

He lightly kicked open the door to my bedroom with me still in his arms before gently laying me on the bed. I didn't want to lay down in the clothes I was dressed in so I took off my skirt, boots, fishnets so I was only left in my sweater and panties. I layed back to see Jasper stripping down to his shirt and boxers before laying on the bed with me.

"You are too good to me." I mumbled into his chest after he basically pulled me on top of him.

"I could say the same about you." He responded, leaning his head down to kiss the crown of mine.

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