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Han Jisung is a normal guy with a normal friends and life...will not exactly normal since he's an angel from above...back to our story.

Jisung walked in the middle of the class since he's late like always.

"Why are you late again mr han??"the teacher said.

"Well..the stove was broken hehe"jisung said laughing nervously.

Mr.park just facepalmed because of jisung stupid reason.

"Just sit down"Mr.park said.

Jisung sat down focusing and reading untill his friend minho poked jisung arm for attention.

"WHAT!!"jisung shouted.

Mr.park was technically soo done with jisung..will who wouldn't be done and died from jisung he's just an angel...will back to jisung.

Minho was hella nervous from jisung because will.. Obviously jisung was pissed untill the bell ringed and everyone left leaving minho and jisung having a staring contest.

Will not exactly staring contest since jisung was glaring.

"Dude who bitch would shout at their friend seriously"minho said kinda annoyed.

"This bitch so shut up gosh"jisung said obviously still pissed.

"Let's go to our usual place yea??"minho said and jisung just nodded.

They both walked to the music room sitting there like usual.

Will if anyone sees them they would never guess that they both are like this everyone would think they are innocent as hell when it's the opposite.

Of course they are different from each other and it's actually true.

Jisung is a sweet kind kid but when he's pissed he'll act kinda bitchy.

Minho on the other hand is the sassy diva but when he's mad or pissed u better hide because he can kill u even with a glare so take not to never mess with him

True jisung is bitchy with minho but he is only bitchy when he's pissed which is when Mr.park pisses him.

Right now minho and jisung were sitting talking about their morning and cracking jokes which was not funny but they thought they are.

Honestly they love each other and they would do anything to stay together and never separate.

Ask them if they wanna get rid of each other and all they would say is...

"I would get rid of the people I love but i would never get rid of him".

Well that was something... Different and yes i did unpublished meanie story so yea hehe hope u like this story😄

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