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“Dad you have got to be kidding me,” Harper said with utter disbelief as she looked up at the tall, pure iron, gates. The sign on them proudly proclaimed it to be ‘Crow Creek School for Exceptional Young Adults’.Harper snorted; could they be more pompous?

“Harper,” her father warned, “Watch your tone.”

Harper turned and aimed a glare at her father, but he wasn’t looking, too busy tapping away on his phone, he hadn’t even left the car yet. Harper sniffed and turned back to the gates. Beyond them was a tall and imposing stone building. It stood at the end of a long tree-lined straight gravel path. Harper couldn’t see much else of the school; her sight was blocked by a brick wall which stretched alongside the road they had just came from. Judging by the wall’s start about three miles back and the fact that it stretched on as far as Harper could see, she knew that the school had to be massive, and more importantly, wealthy.

“Dad I thought you said I was going to a normal school,” Harper complained sharply, spinning back to face her father. He was much less impressive then the school behind her.

“This is normal sweetie,” her father replied, still typing on his Blackberry. He didn’t look up once.

“No, Dad,” Harper corrected, “This is normal for you. Me? I’ve never even seen a place this posh.” She gestured wildly at the school, “This whole place just stinks of stuck-upedness.”

“Harper, tone."

Harper sighed and kicked the wheel of her father’s convertible with her foot. Sand still clung in the treads of her shoes, her only reminder of her Texan home. Her eyes begin to water, but she quickly blinked away the tears. No way was she going to cry in front of her dad. No way.

The phone buzzed and Harper’s father answered immediately. He was always so attentive to the people he spoke to on the phone. Harper never received that kind of treatment; no matter how she tried to get it.

“Sorry Harper,” her father said covering his phone with his hand, “I’m going to have to deal with a situation back in Portland. Do you mind finding your own way from here? The admissions office knows you’re coming.”

“But, Dad…” Harper began, but her father was already back on his phone. Harper sighed and pulled her duffel bag from the backseat of his car. Harper barely had time to get a good grip before her father zoomed away. He didn’t even say goodbye.

Harper sighed and watched as the leaves her father’s car had disrupted floated gently to the ground. When all was still she turned and walked through the small opening of the gates and up the gravel pathway. Somewhere in the distance Harper could hear the sounds of teenagers shouting. She checked her watch: 4:00pm. School must be out.

Harper didn’t spot a soul until she entered the school’s cool lobby. A single secretary sat behind a sheet of glass staring down at a crossword puzzle. She looked extremely grumpy as Harper interrupted her concentration.

“Hi,” Harper said, “My name is Harper Caddel, I’m starting here.”

The lady behind the glass eyed Harper suspiciously, “We don’t accept students mid-semester."

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