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Hey readers! Special long chapter for you guys! And also a sneak peek at Andrew's POV.



Andrew's POV

Its midnight and I'm lying on the top of a hill, admiring the beautiful stars in the sky. It's my favourite place to go whenever I need to calm down. The hill was the nearest to the city and the lights from the city make my surroundings less darken.

Not all vampire loves darkness okay?

I close my eyes, trying to get some sleep. But somehow, I can't. I just can't. Her face keeps popping into my mind.

I was staring at the dark sky when I suddenly remember what happened in the woods this evening. I was hunting for blood, as usual when suddenly my chest hurts. It took me a moment before I realised, it was the bond.

Our bond.

Every since she drank my blood, even a few drops, I can sense every feeling in her. Either she was angry, hurt, happy or sad. It helps me sense if she's in trouble, and if she does, I'm going to be the first one to help her.

Well, things are different now. We were apart for some reason that I couldn't explain. I've been ignoring her calls for the past days, hoping that she'll forget me, but I'm sure she doesn't.

I wish I had the time to meet her. I want to explain why we left her, why I left her. I don't want to hurt her feelings.

I smirk at the thought of her feelings towards me.

She always looks calm whenever she's with me on the outside. But on the inside? I know she isn't.

I can hear her heartbeat increases everytime I come near her using my vampire sense. I can sense she's nervous every time I smiled at her. She even blushes when she's nervous. It took all in me to resist the temptation to touch her. I smiled at the thought of her. No matter how much she hides her feelings, I know she loves me.

And I'm kinda love her too.

"Hey," Layla came and sit next to me.

"Hey." I smiled glancing at her.

"Still can't sleep?" She asked concernedly. I nodded, still watching the stars. "You know, you really should get some. Its been a week. Vampires need energy too though. Your powers will fade if you keep on doing like this."

She's right. We vampires, really need some sleep at least for two or three hours per day to gain energy.

I raised my eyebrow at her. She just becomes one, where did she know those stuff?

She frowned, looking at my reaction. "What? I did some research okay?"

I chuckled. I took a deep breath and look at the beauty of the night. We went silent for a moment. "I can feel her, Layla. I can sense she's in trouble." I said, finally releasing the burden in my head.

Right now, I can still sense that she's sad. Maybe she's having a nightmare.

I sighed.

If only she knows what I feel.

I want to be the one who can comfort her in her sleep. I want to be the one who can hug her tightly, telling her that everything's alright. I want to be the one who can protect her at all cost, not her pathetic human boyfriend.

I gritted my teeth at the thought of him. I can feel my fangs came out.

If he didn't come and save her that night, she will already be a vampire. She will already lay next to me right now, watching the stars. We will hunt together every evening and spend lots of time together. Ergh I hate that guy.

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