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Hey guys, thanks for reading. I know the beginning was incredibly rough and the ending was rushed. I didn't know how to begin the idea, really, and about halfway through I wanted to get away from the family. A lot of it may not have made sense and I'm sorry about that, if y'all have any questions about anything, I'll explain my thought process and maybe go back and clear things up in the story.

I left a lot unexplained fully on purpose. I kinda wanted to create the sense that this is way off after the collapse of society as we know it, and this City is the only real source of government or any structure of that sorts.

This is several generations after our own time, perhaps even hundreds of years from now, when a disease that is incurable and antibiotic resistant begins to spread through body fluids. It spreads in the body extremely fast after infection, rots your body away, then leaves the shell of what you once were behind. Like a zombie, really. You start resorting to cannibalism.

That's why I included the mouse, really, to compare it to him. To make it sound like they were of similar makings, and how, at the end he was willing to eat it.

The red paint was a spray painted image based off the image I attached. I really wasn't going for a religious thing there, more of how the signs of mercy and yes, religion, fell along with society. It shows how people may have been begging for mercy as it all changed, or angry that they didn't receive any. Maybe like a mocking of religions thing, since their gods didn't save them from the situation at hand. Okay, yeah that got religious and I'm sorry just take your pick from that stuff.

It's rough, I know. I'll explain anything else if need be. Please hit me up with comments/suggestions.

Thanks for reading!

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