But then her eyes turned to Giselle, who was staring off at the remnants of Titan, Thanos's home. Her eyes were red as she cried softly to herself, and Calix rested her hand on the small of her back.

Minutes had passed and they helped Tony Stark through the portal and back to Earth, along with Nebula. All of the remaining heroes found themselves within the Wakandan palace, none of them really knowing what to do now. Half of their team was gone because of what Thanos had done with the snap of his fingers. Giselle stayed close to Calix, not completely comfortable with the company that she was in, even if she had fought with them against the Mad Titan.

Steve Rogers glanced over to Tony Stark, and from their interaction, Giselle could only assume that they hadn't seen much of each other. She pressed her lips together as she stood there, but then the oldest woman in the room stepped up to the plate and spoke to the group.

"We all know what happened here, and, we've been hit. Pretty damn hard. But right now, we need to figure out what the hell we're going to do in order to protect the universe," Charlotte spoke to the group, doing her very best to not spark any negativity in the room. "There are people, that we don't even know the fate of. But, there are people that we do know the fate of, and I believe that we need to figure out who we lost and act on that." Her eyes landed on Calix, who hadn't broken eye contact with her. "Calix, is it?" The assassin nodded her head. "Who was lost on Titan?"

Calix cleared her throat as she glanced around the room in front of her, before nodding her head slightly, "We lost a majority of the Guardians, seeing as only four of us stand here. We lost Peter Quill, Gamora, Drax, Groot, and Mantis. Amongst them, there was also Doctor Strange, Maurelle Sen, Peter Parker, and Alaska Minerva."

Charlotte's eyes traveled over to Mallory, who was hugging herself as she sat in the chair at the long table. She pressed her lips together as she stared at the young girl, before speaking again, "We got hit pretty hard here as well..."

Giselle could easily tell that Charlotte was on the verge of tears as she began to think about the people they had lost on their own home field. The caster stared at the woman and watched as she glanced at her teammates, people she had worked with for years. Everyone knew how difficult it would be to talk about it. They all did. But when Charlotte couldn't speak, the shapeshifter, Fawn Galloway, stepped up and rested a hand on her shoulder. Giving her a reassuring smile as she took the podium, staring at the group in front of her.

"We lost great people, people who would give their lives for the well being of the universe. We lost Grayson Steele... Scarlett Rowan... James Stark... Venus Seren... Wanda Maximoff... Bucky Barnes... T'Challa... Sam Wilson... Vision... and Raelynn Fate. There are people that we don't know the fate of, and we won't find out until we go out and search for them," Fawn spoke, and her eyes wandered over to Tony Stark, whose eyes had already flooded with tears again. Everyone knew that he was hit the hardest, losing not only his little brother but also his fiancé. She inhaled deeply as she glanced at them, giving the group as much of a smile as she could muster. "We knew we were at a great odd. But we can get back up to the plate and fight back... right now, I believe we just need time to take in our losses before we do anything else."

The group in the room nodded their head to the young woman, who turned to look at Charlotte and Steve, watching as they embraced. The older brother held his little sister, pressing a kiss to her forehead as she mourned her husband. Fawn understood what it was like to lose family, she had lost the last remnant of her connection to Pietro, and it crushed her.

Giselle glanced up to Calix, who stared off ahead of her blankly. The blonde stepped away from Calix and walked over to the large windows, staring off over Wakanda as she stood there. She raised a hand and rested it against the glass, her heart aching. All she could think about was Mantis and how she didn't get to say goodbye or be with her in her last minutes.

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