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HALF. That was all that was supposedly left of the collective universe. The fight against Thanos proved to be futile and the team of heroes had been split up. The woman who used to reside in the Realm of Obron stood amongst the Avengers on Earth, and she was there as she watched half of them disintegrate to dust. Collapsing to the ground into nothing but dust of their former selves, and she watched as the ones who had survived sunk to the ground.

Steve Rogers running his fingers in the dust of his best friend, before turning to the pile that once held the form of Scarlett Rowan. Giselle knew who these people were from studying them. The blonde beside Steve Rogers, was his younger sister, Charlotte. She was running her fingers over Bucky Barnes, sobbing loudly as she sank in the ground, begging for him to return.

Giselle continued to glance around herself, watching as all of those around her reacted to the loss of their loved ones and significant others. Natasha Romanoff had lost James Stark. Nova Deyes had lost Sam Wilson. Makena Sekai had lost T'Challa. Nathaniel Hyde had watched Wanda Maximoff destroy the mind stone and then her turn to dust. So many people had faded away from the world around them, but there was only one person that Giselle really cared about.

Her eyes frantically glanced around herself as she watched the fallen heroes mourn over their loved ones, before turning to an open part of the woods. No one really noticed that the blonde made her way through the dirt, before throwing up a portal through space to find the location that her love would be. They only looked up once the portal was opened and the little redhead that was Mallory Snow rushed up to Giselle and stared into the portal. Giselle glanced down at her, before jumping through and Mallory followed after.

Giselle's feet touched down on Titan, but as she glanced around the surroundings, there were only three people standing there: Calix Starr, Tony Stark, and Nebula. The blonde's heart sank as she glanced at them until her eyes settled on Calix. The other blonde, who she had met briefly when the assassin visited Obron, approached her quickly. Calix could tell what Giselle was thinking and before Giselle could even open her lips to ask a question, a wail echoed through the air.

They both glanced over to Tony, who was catching Mallory as her knees collapsed beneath her small frame and she fell to the dust of Titan. Mallory cried in agony at the sound of the love of her life being nothing but a remnant of dust. Tony attempted to calm her down in any way that he could, but he wasn't doing very well. She continued to sob and sob and sob, and it didn't matter if her eyes would go dry of tears. Mallory would find another way to manufacture more, just so she could feel something. Anything.

Calix glanced down to Giselle and held her in her arms, squeezing her eyes shut as she thought about the one person she cared about. The person she loved, who had made the stupidest decision of his life while they were on Titan, but it didn't matter. It didn't matter how much he pissed her off when he pulled the stunt that he did. She still loved him, more than she realized that she could love anything.

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