030| My words

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People say words matter
But do they?
I don't think so

My words will remain embedded in the graves
That will never dig again
And will remain there for infinite

The melodies and harmonies
I speak, will be then
Just music to the dead

My letters will just be stones
In then existing gravel
Of bones and dried blood

And every syllable
That I'll sprinkle from my lips
Will be a goodbye kiss to the forgotten

And I will embellish my dreams
With words and phrases
And color them with light

But will they ever come alive?
I would wait for my words to once
Be the words of someone else

But will they ever come alive?I would wait for my words to onceBe the words of someone else

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Location- On a bed, making sure I don't plug out the charger while typing this.

Time- 7:58 AM IST

Note- For the very first time, I tried to write a free verse. And realised trying new things feels good.

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