Chapter 4

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I live on my own now and Beck got out of the hospital so he wanted to come live with me. I have a two bed room apartment so let him live with me. Right now I'm laying in my bed and look out my window at dark night. It about 3 am and haven't slept a full night in years ever since Beck went in a coma. I heard a knock on my door and rolled over to see Beck shaking. "Can I sleep in here I had a nightmare?" His voice was shaking. "Yeah." I said. He got in my bed and laid next me. "What your nightmare about?" I asked. "Can you be honest with me?" He asked and I nodded. "Dad didn't just threw against a wall did he?" He asked. My eyes grew big god damn it i was hoping he didn't remember what really happened. "Can we please not get into that Beck" I told him. "so he did! He kicked in my legs! Why didn't you tel-" I cut him off by kiss him. He just laid not doing anything so i pulled away. "sorry."   I said. "Lucas....I." He blushed. His got closer to mine and are lips met again. He moved slightly and i kissed him back pulling his body closer to mine and I licked his bottom lip he  let take over his mouth and our tongue danced with each other. He moan quietly. Beck pulled away breathless. "are you still a virgin?" He asked. "Yes." I said rolling my eyes. He had a evil smile on his face oh no. His lips hit my neck and I gasp. SHIT! WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?! He started to suck and bite at it. I was in a daze of pleasure. When he pulled away I breathless this time. "Did you just do what i think you did?" I asked him. "Meaning that i just gave you a hickey then yes I just did what you think I did." He luaghed. "Where did you learn out to do that?" I asked him. "Uh about 6th grade year me and this boy where testing things and I did bad things to hi-" I cut him off. "Okay that too much info." I said puting my hands up in protest. "I'm not taking your V card yet okay." he kissed my cheek and rolled over. DID THAT JUST HAPPEN?!?!



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