Late Bus

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Where was the bus?

It was so dark. It always was in the City. It was always raining there. The sun didn't exist. Light didn't exist.

What if he had missed the bus? What would he tell them?

He shifted under his umbrella, the rain briefly falling off of it heavier on one side than the other.

How would they survive a week without supplies?

6 whole days? The tomatoes and peanuts hadn't even come in yet.

"Care to share?"

No. No. No. This couldn't be happening, not again.

He whipped around.

Where was the bus?

It had to come.

The bus? Where's the bus?

"Oh? You scared?"

It was them. It was him.

It took a step closer.

Adrenaline pushed through his veins. He had to leave. Why hadn't he left? Why had he been glued in place? Why? What about Holden? What would he eat? Who would come next? Jacobi? Would they send Jacobi next?

"I'm jus' another guy like you, bud."

It spoke.

Why hadn't he ran?

Why was he glued here, like before?

"Hey, answer me, yo-"

Someone grabbed his arm.... but it wasn't the left one...

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