14. Damian's Brothers Intervene

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• Y/n - your name
• E/c - eye color

~~~Tim's point of view~~~
When Dick and Jason came home I immediately grabbed them and shoved them into my room.
"What's going on Replacement?" Jason asked obviously confused and annoyed at the sudden action.
"Yeah," Dick looked at me in agreement with Jason.
"This is about Damian. Can we all see that he likes Y/n?" I asked.
"No duh," Jason said with attitude.
"The problem is that Y/n thinks that he hates her," I said.
"Why?" Dick said more interested than before.
"Because Damian ignores her. He doesn't talk to her and he doesn't talk about her. Apparently, he never mentioned her to the other Titans. The time you told Kory who Y/n was and what she looked like was the only time Kory ever heard of Y/n." I told my brothers.
"It's not unusual for Damian to keep to himself, but if he's fully ignoring her then we have to help or else they don't stand a chance to be happy together," Dick said.
"Fine, I'll help the little Demon," Jason agreed.
"Great!" I said, "I'll talk to Damian since I was the one who talked to him about Y/n the first time. Dick, Jason you go find Y/n and talk to her."
"Right," they agreed.
"Oh and Jason," I stopped them.
"Yeah?" He asked.
"Let Dick do the talking."
"Fine," he grumbled as he dragged a laughing Dick out of my room.
'Now all I have to do is talk to Damian. This is going to be fun.' I thought to myself jokingly.
I walked into the Batcave where Damian was just walking out of the zeta tubes. "Hey Damian we need to talk," I shouted at him.
"Not now Drake," he yelled back.
"It's about Y/n," I smirked. Damian stopped in his tracks.
"What about her?"
I jumped over the railing and landed next to him. "You know how you don't talk to her or anything?"
"Yeah," he replied as he continued walking and peeled his mask off.
"She thinks you hate her because of that."
"That was never my intention, to make her think I hate her." He said guiltily.
"Want to know what makes it worse?" I asked.
"Not really, but you're going to tell me anyways aren't you?"
"She likes you Damian, more than a friend and not like a brother. Y/n likes you romantically, and if this keeps up, she might start resenting you or ignoring you as well. Or she could be stolen by someone else if you don't get her first." I looked down into Damian's eyes as I grasped his shoulders. He seemed to be worried and almost hiding some sort of panic. I knew he never meant for this to happen, so I would help him.
"Where is Y/n now?" He asked.
Just then Jason strolled in. "Y/n is sitting in the gazebo in the rose gardens. Dick is talking to her," he told me so that Damian could hear.
"Thanks, Jason," I said as I watched Damian run to change into his civilian clothes.
"Hey Damian," I shouted, he turned to look at me, "go make it up to her. Don't hurt her anymore." He nodded before running off.

~~~With you and Dick while Tim and Damian are talking in the cave~~~
~~~Your point of view~~~
You walked around smelling roses until you reached the gazebo. You walked under it and sat on one of the white marble benches that were near the railing. You watched the sunset and wished that Damian was here to enjoy it with you. Even though he hated you or so you thought he was always on your mind. You heard shuffling on the grass and looked over through the corner of your eye. It was Dick.

~~~Dick's point of view~~~
I found Y/n sitting alone in the gazebo gazing at the setting sun. I walked up to her carefully trying to make sure she could see me before she had a chance to knock me off my feet again.
"Hey Dick," she said quietly.
"Hey Y/n is something wrong?" I asked. Tim had sent me to find her and talk to her, but she looked so heartbroken as if she were longing to be with someone that didn't exist.
"It's nothing," she flashed me a fake smile.
"C'mon we both know that's not true," I said sitting down next to her. She was dressed in all black which highlighted her bright blue hair. 'When did she do that?' I thought.
"Do you really want to know what's wrong?" She asked looking at me skeptically.
"Of course," I reassured her.
"Well, it's just that Damian doesn't talk to me anymore. He is distant and I know he is like that with some other people, but he was always kind to me and talked to me up until a short while ago. I don't even know what I did to make him ignore me because he won't say anything to me except for an occasional greeting." She said her voice cracking.
My heart fell, she really did like him. "Well, I know that you like him more than just a friend."
She stared at me. "Did Tim tell you?" She asked.
I nodded. "Also, I see the way you look at him, a look that says you want to be with him, that you need to know if he feels the same way. You like him romantically don't you?"
"I do," she said gazing at the darkening sky.
"And that's why it hurts so much. I mean, it would hurt for anyone, but when the one person you want to love you, the one person you want by your side, ignores you, that's when it hurts the most." I said feeling the pain she had. I knew what it was like. I had been through something like this, but not at her and Damian's age. Y/n was a very strong girl.
"It does hurt," she whispered, "but I can't help but feel like I did something to make it this way."
"You didn't, trust me Y/n, you didn't," I said scooping her up into my lap. As I hugged her she began to cry. I held her as we watched the sun continue to set. The stars came out and a full moon shone in the sky. I looked down at Y/n. She had stopped crying and was now staring at the sky. The stars reflected in her E/c eyes which were now pink from crying.
"I'm sorry Y/n I have patrol tonight. Would you like to come inside with me?"
She shook her head. "I think I'll stay out a little longer."
"Okay," I said setting her back on the bench, "just don't stay out too late."
"I won't," she said.
"Also," I said as she turned to face me, "here you look like you could use these."
"What are these? Eye drops?" She asked taking the bottle.
"Yeah," I said.
"Thanks," she whispered as she gave me a hug.
"No problem, you can come to me for help anytime," I smiled at her.
"Okay," She said with a faint smile.
"I better go, don't want the big bad Bat to be mad right?" I said making her giggle.
"Right. Also, Dick," she said, I turned around, "be careful, come back in one piece."
"I will," I said, running back towards the house.

~~~Your point of view~~~
You opened the bottle of eye drops that Dick had given you and put some in your eyes. The liquid made your eyes feel better, but you still regret crying since it had made your eyes red and puffy. You laid down on the marble bench and looked out onto the gardens soaking up the moon's serene light. You didn't fall asleep, but you still thought about Damian. Crying had allowed you to release some of your frustration and pain. You sat up and leaned on your hands for support as you stared at the starry sky.

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