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WHEN YOU THINK ABOUT HOW THE FOOD COULD BE WHILE BEING A TEST SUBJECT, PEOPLE WOULD SAY IT'S DISGUSTING. But to Hestia, seeing as it was one of her only options for a meal three times a day, she couldn't argue. Even if she did, she had two options to choose from: either eat the food with no complaints or starve. It was that simple and she knew that for a fact. She was the kind of person who liked food personally, so denying a meal would be pretty idiotic for her. Especially with the amount of weight, she was already losing due to the experimentations.

Half hazardly poking her fork into the dish in front of her, with her chin propped in her hand, she inhaled deeply. The young girl stared down at the meal that the organization had dished up for her: turkey with mashed potatoes and gravy with a side of carrots. It smelled like real turkey and produce, but she could always be wrong and her senses could be playing tricks on her. It wouldn't have been the first time her senses would do that to her; seeing with her current living conditions, she didn't really have a choice with how to live her life.

As the girl was seated on the floor of her cell, the door quietly scraped against the concrete floor and revealed the one person she didn't expect. The man who had been the one to bring her to her experimentations and her training and such. His eyes stared at her as he slipped into the room, which caused her to lean away from him. The man raised his hands to her as if he was surrendering to a girl, who didn't even manifest her abilities yet. Her eyes widened as he stepped closer and closer to her. Her nerves growing more and more uneasy with every step he took. The man seemed calm, that was one thing that she could pick up, but it still frightened her. She felt as if she needed someone to come save her from whatever this man could do to her; but then again, she didn't know what these people were capable of anymore. It didn't matter how much time she spent with them, she was still afraid. Terrified.

"It's okay, Hestia," The man breathed to her in a calm way, but it didn't help her at all. She pressed her lips together as she stared at him, watching as he stepped in front of her and knelt down. His eyes met with her own and he offered her his opened hand. She glanced down at his hand, seeing that he was probably just offering a simple handshake or whatever, but she wanted nothing to do with it. She didn't know what he was capable of. She didn't. And he could easily tell that she didn't trust him, something that he didn't blame her for. If he was in her situation, he wouldn't trust himself either. "I'm not going to hurt you. My name is Atkin."

Her eyes were narrowed in on him as she attempted to read his features. See if there was any method behind his sudden kindness toward her, but there was none. There was nothing that she could dig out of his features as he stared at her, watching as he twitched the corners of his lips into a small smile. His own attempt to let her know that she could trust him. But how could she trust him when he was the one who would bring her to her sessions? That he was the one who would allow those around her to experiment on her for hours on end. Destroy her body as they created a monster. There was no trust.

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