12. Deliveries part 2

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• Y/n - your name
• Uc/n - your undercover name

~~~Your point of view~~~
After quickly saluting, even though you weren't sure why you did it, you grabbed your bags and ran out into the hallway where you didn't expect to see Nightwing. "You were here watching the whole time?" You cried at him. "Why didn't you help me?"
"You seemed to have handled it just fine," he laughed leading you back towards the zeta tubes.
"Still, you could have saved me a lot of trouble," you pouted slightly.
"Yes, but this was more entertaining, plus I would have stepped in if you were actually in any danger, I know your skills, and you would have done just fine. Also nice front handspring and duck and roll maneuver, good form." He smiled.
"Thanks, I learned from a very talented gymnast who is also a huge dork," you laughed.
"Thanks- wait a second- Hey!" He said making a dramatic hurt motion.
"Geez you're such a drama queen," you said smiling. "Well, I better be off or else the other two won't get their food."
"Okay just be careful with Robin 's group Starfire should know what you look like but still be very careful."
"Alright, I will. Zeta tube take me to Teen Titans Tower."
"Uc/n recognized," the tubes called back before you disappeared.
You quickly walked out of the machine and went looking for Robin or a lady named Starfire. You came across an area that looked like it was for training. You stepped onto a platform, that was a mistake. People appeared and started attacking you. This was a training simulator! You dropped your bags at the side and looked for controls to turn it off, but you didn't know what any of the buttons on the console did. You reached back over the side of the platform and quickly grabbed two batarangs, holding them like daggers. There were five attackers you stabbed two of them before turning and throwing one of the weapons which flew through one of the aggressors and came back to you through another. You quickly stabbed the last one and jumped off the platform. The power turned off and no more attackers appeared. "If that was all it took to be shut off I would have jumped off the platform first," you said to yourself.
You ran off with Damian's lunch and your bag searching for the raven-haired teen. You kept walking till you found something like a living room and kitchen. You carefully stepped into the kitchen and set down Damian's lunch on the counter. You heard laughter and ducked down so they couldn't see you. A boy with green skin and a kid with some sort of blue bug on his back walked in talking and laughing. You had heard of many of the leaguers in the Justice League but you were in the dark when it came to the Teen Titans. You were thinking when you were suddenly picked up from behind. You turned your head to see that the bug boy had grabbed you. You had to get him off you. "Wait!" You shouted. "I'm friends with Robin please don't hurt me."
"I don't think he could even if he tried," another boys voice came back and Robin walked in smirking, "and even if he did hurt you it wouldn't be very much."
"Robin, can you tell your teammate to let me go please," you asked politely.
"Blue Beetle let her go," said a different voice, female this time. A lady with fiery red and orange hair walked in as well as a dark-haired girl in a cloak.
You were lowered to the ground, and you grabbed Damian's lunch off the counter. You walked over to him and placed it in his hands. "What's this?" He asked.
"Lunch," you replied with a smile. He peeked into the bag and took out one of the wraps. He took a couple bites before shoving it back into its container.
"Thanks," He said bluntly.
"No problem," you said, "I'm happy to see you didn't go for the cookies first like most of the others."
"You delivered to everyone?" He asked.
"Yeah," you said rubbing the back of your neck. You both stood there awkwardly.
"You can use Damian's real name as well as his brothers' names, we know it all, just not anyone from the Justice League," the orange-haired girl told you. "You are Y/n correct?"
"Yes, and if you know my name you must be Starfire, right? It's very nice to meet you." You answered.
"You are right. Nightwing has told me much about you, although I'm surprised to hear you say you came for Damian. As far as I can remember he has never told us about you." Starfire said.
Those words hurt, but you tried to not let it show. "Well then I can tell everyone I guess," you said. "Hi, it's very nice to meet you all I'm Y/n."
"I'm Blue Beetle or Jaime whichever you prefer. Sorry for grabbing you I thought you were an enemy," Jaime said reaching out to shake your hand.
"It's very nice to meet you to Jaime," you smiled shaking his hand, "and it's fine I understand,"
"I'm Beast Boy, but my real name is Garfield Logan," the green haired boy said happily.
"Pleasure to meet you, Garfield," you grinned.
"Hello I'm Raven," the cloaked girl said calmly.
"Hello Raven, it was very nice to meet you and your friends," you said looking at all of them.
"It has been very nice to finally meet you too," Starfire said.
"Um, as much fun as it has been to deliver everyone's food and have to fight people for half those deliveries, I really should be going," you smiled at all of them.
"Yes you must have lost a lot of your time, but I hope we can talk again some other time," Starfire said kindly. "Damian why don't you lead Y/n back down to the zeta tubes."
Damian silently walked over to you and grabbed your hand pulling you down the halls with him. You blushed as he held your hand but managed to regain some control over yourself.

~~~Damian's point of view~~~
I grabbed Y/n and pulled her behind me as I headed down to the zeta tubes. I turned slightly to see her blush and I noticed we were holding hands. I quickly released my grasp and continued to walk with her behind me. We walked in silence until we reached the zeta tubes where she gave me a hug. "Be careful Damian, I'll see you at home," She smiled at me.
"Alright, you be careful to," I said watching her turn and go.
"Bye Damian. Zeta tubes take me to the Batcave."
"Bye," I said as I watched her disappear. I wanted to hug her and do other fun things with her, but she looked so hurt by what she had heard I wanted to punch myself. I turned my back on the zeta tubes and headed back to the team.

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