11. Deliveries part 1

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• Y/n - your name
• Uc/n - your undercover name (Besides The Siren)

~~~Your point of view~~~
You woke up the next day and immediately remembered your birthday yesterday. Today was Sunday so you had a full day to create a new video and check your post from yesterday. You quickly showered and brushed your hair and teeth. While you were drying your hair, you decided you would use something temporary to color it and wear makeup to hide your identity while posting on your channel. After drying your hair you put it in a braid and dressed in this but with the black, heeled ankle boots from before.
Your look but without the flowers and your hair color:

      You headed down for breakfast and saw Dick eating a bowl of cereal and Alfred putting plates away in cupboards

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You headed down for breakfast and saw Dick eating a bowl of cereal and Alfred putting plates away in cupboards. You sat down next to Dick and poured yourself some cereal and milk. "Good morning Dick, good morning Alfred," you said.
"Good morning Y/n," Dick smiled.
"Good morning Miss Y/n," Alfred said, "any plans for today?"
"Only making more music," you smiled thinking of your recording studio. "What about you Alfred?"
"I will be going to the store to buy groceries for you all to eat throughout the week," He responded.
"Would you like some help with that?" You asked him.
"Although your assistance is unnecessary you offer is very much appreciated and your company would be very pleasing," the butler said.
"I would be very happy to join you," you responded. "What about you Dick, have you got any plans today?"
"I have to go take care of some business with the league." He said seeming bored already.
"Well be careful, I'll give you lunch later so you don't have to eat that cafeteria stuff you don't like," you told him.
"I will and thanks, but if you're going to do that you be careful to," he said as he headed down to the cave.
You cleaned up your dishes and dried them so you could put them back in the cupboard. After you and Alfred headed to the store. The store you went to was enormous and had anything a person could possibly need. As you walked with Alfred you passed something that caught your eye. It was temporary hair dye that came out when you washed it and it came with multiple vibrant, pastel and metallic colors. You grabbed the package and ran over to Alfred asking if you could have it to use while making videos. The man simply smiled at your fun idea and nodded for you to put it in the cart. The rest of the time flew as you and Alfred sorted out the week's menu and put the needed ingredients in the cart. You finally headed to the checkout where Alfred paid.

~~~Time skip~~~

The car pulled up through the gates to Wayne Manor and into the driveway where it parked and you hopped out. You assisted Alfred in unloading the groceries from the trunk and taking them inside. When you got inside the house you helped Alfred put away the groceries and start on making lunch. He made handheld wraps with vegetables and meat, except for Damian's: he was vegetarian, and I made chocolate chip cookies. I enjoyed my time with Alfred and helped him wrap up lunches for Dick, Jason, Tim, Damian, and Bruce.
You grabbed your phone which Bruce got you when you had been taken in at Christmas, your earbuds, some money, and a grapple gun, a mask, and a few batarangs for emergencies. You stuffed it all into a small bag and grabbed the boxed meals. You started by giving Tim his lunch in the bat cave and asking him to track Jason with the computer. Once Tim found him you put on your mask and grabbed one of the bikes in the cave before riding to Jason's location. You arrived at the small hideout of where Jason's team held its operation. You knocked because it seemed like a good idea. A teenager in a red suit and mask opened the door.
He said, "Who are you and what do you want?"
"Uh, I'm looking for the Red Hood, I have something for him." You replied.
"Hey Red Hood a girl is here, she says she has something for you," the teen shouted into the apartment. It took a while, but Red Hood finally showed up at the door and excused the other man that had been there.
"Y/n what are you doing here?" He asked concerned.
"I'm just here to give you this," you said handing him his lunch in a paper bag.
"Thanks," he said opening it and taking out a cookie.
"Don't forget to actually eat the real food, don't just eat dessert, anyways I've got to go," you said as you walked back to the bike and pulled your helmet back on.
"Kay mom," Jason said sarcastically, "be careful,"
"Yeah, haha, you be careful to," you shouted as you drove back to the cave.

~~~Time skip to the batcave~~~

You ran to the zeta tubes. You didn't have a hero name since you weren't one, so it just used your fake undercover name (Uc/n). You said to the tube, "Take me to the Justice League Headquarters."
The machine responded, "Uc/n recognized."
You stumbled out on the other side of the tubes at the space station where the Justice League was. You ran down the halls looking for Batman or Nightwing, unfortunately, you found the Flash instead. "How did you get in here?" He asked running towards you. You could win in a fight against Red Robin or even Nightwing if you really tried, but there was no way you could beat a full-fledged member of the Justice League by yourself. He ran towards you and you put down the bag with your stuff in it and the bag of food. As soon as he got close enough, he went for a punch, but you dodged and tripped him instead. You grabbed the bags and ran while he was still in shock. You ran into the cafeteria full of leaguers and thought you were done for. Some of them started surrounding you backing you up into a corner.
"Wait I'm here to see Nightwing not cause trouble," you said, but it didn't seem to really matter to some of them.
A lady you assumed to be Wonder Woman ran off and came back with Nightwing who ran over to see what was going on. "Y/n?" He asked as he walked into the cafeteria.
"Yeah, I'm here," you slightly shouted so he could hear you.
"She's fine guys," Nightwing sighed as the small crowd of league members dispersed leaving you to face him.
"Thanks," you said as you walked over with your stuff, "by the way here's your lunch," you said as you handed him the paper bag.
"Thanks a lot," he smiled.
"I also have one for Bats if he ever wants it," you grinned handing another bag.
"Great," Dick told you as he led you down the hall to where Batman was. " Oh! Are these chocolate chip cookies?"
"Yeah," you laughed at his excitement, "I made them myself."
"They're delicious," he beamed tasting one.
"Don't forget to eat your actual lunch," you reminded him.
"Right," he confirmed, "also Batman is right through there."
You peeked through the doorway and looked through your mask to see him in the room with the Green Lantern, Superman, Green Arrow, Aquaman and the Flash who you tripped earlier. 'Great,' you thought. You walked into the room slowly, trying to hide in the shadows with your black clothing, but you were spotted by Superman. He fired his heat vision at you thinking you were an intruder. You ducked and rolled then you began running towards Batman who now noticed you. The Flash, however, tripped you like you had done to him earlier, but you didn't let that phase you. You did a front handspring to regain your balance as you continued to run towards Bruce/Batman. You slid over the large table in the middle of the room throwing a Batarang which flew away and stopped the Green Lantern from hitting you with one of his creations. You caught the Batarang as you landed on your feet and ran behind the Bat for protection.
"What are you doing here?" He asked in a dark brooding tone.
Instead of talking you reached into your bag and handed him the paper bag that contained his lunch. He opened it and nodded, gesturing you to come out. You stepped out from behind him and faced the league members. "I'm really sorry for bothering you all, and for tripping you Flash, I was only here to deliver somethings to Nightwing and Batman." You apologized.
"Hmm," Batman grunted, "Why don't you go finish your deliveries, and we can talk later.
"Yes sir," you quickly saluted before grabbing the bags and running out the door.

~~~Bruce/Batman's point of view~~~
"That's one special delivery girl you have there," the Green Arrow said walking up to me.
"No kidding," said the Flash.
"Did you train her yourself?" Aquaman asked.
"I trained her partially, but she had impressive skills and senses when I met her," I said.
"What was she delivering?" Asked Superman.
"Lunch," I said smiling secretly.
"What!" The whole team yelled.
"She went through all that trouble to bring you and Nightwing lunch," the Flash exclaimed.
"I don't think it bothered her, if you watched her closely while you were fighting you would have seen her smile. She had a plan for when any one of you spotted her or attacked her," I responded, "she also didn't complain about anything. Besides she also is delivering to Red Robin and Robin."
"She'd make an excellent hero, but she wasn't in a suit, did you not make her one?" the Green Lantern said.
"I made her one for emergencies, but I don't think she expected to get attacked this much," I smirked, "now, let's continue with business."

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