"Don't care care care what they say say say we got the same same DNA," Ross finishes. The crowd bursts into applause.

I stand up and brush the lint off my skirt. Ross takes my hand and together we walk into the van.

"THAT WAS AWESOME!" Rocky yells. "East Coast Tour...COMPLETE!" He and Riker slap each other's palm.

Yes, we've gotten pretty big over the past three years. Performing gigs, some of us shooting film...but especially Ross.

Ross has been shooting Austin & Ally, this new Disney show. He's also been shooting several movies, one of them a DCOM called Teen Beach Musical. He's pretty famous. Ross and Beatrice is Hollywood's it couple right now.

We arrive home and begin unloading the instruments. After we finish unloading, we eat a celebratory dinner with family. Then we head over to a nice penthouse Ross bought for me and him to stay in.

"Me without you just isn't the same!" Ross finishes with a soft chord on the piano.

I clap and cheer for him. Ross stands up and takes a bow, before sitting back down again.

"Play me another one!" I say, sitting down on his lap.

I can tell Ross was holding back a groan by his closed eyes and hard breathing. This means I am currently sitting on the spot of the day. I smile, knowing I had found the "it" spot and begin kissing him. Ross madly kisses me back and carries me to the bedroom.

There, I lose my virginity for good.


I sit on the toilet, my skirt pooled around my ankles and my breathing hard. This one stick holds my future.

"Ross!?" I call. He arrives at the bathroom door. Taking one look at my bare thighs, he asks if I ran out of toilet paper again.

I force out a fake chuckle. "No. The thing is...Ross, did we use protection last night?"

Ross winces. "Uh-oh."

I nod. "Yep. Here." I hand him the pregnancy test.

Ross takes one look and shows me.


I stand up and pull up my skirt. "Ross please don't leave me I know this baby's gonna be a load of work but please, say you'll stay."

Ross slows down his breathing and turns to me. Cupping my face in his hands, he kisses me. "I'll never leave you. Ever."

I nod. Ross pulls me into a big, warm hug.

And it's like we're teenagers again.

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