Seeping Sores

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-Little bit of gore, I'll put a summary at the end if you just want to skim down, that won't have the gore.-

Norman walked out and around the clearing, trying to find his partner. Tanya was no where to be found. He eventually walked up to Holden, deciding he may know where his mom was. After all, he did have some stew.

"Holden, where's your mother?" He asked, smiling a little at the young boy.

Holden looked up with a smile. "Looking for Jacobi."

Norman lost his smile. Great. Jacobi was gone. This certainly wasn't the first time. Jacobi had been leaving the clearing frequently and disappearing for some time, never coming back with an explanation. He probably wouldn't see either of them until dinner time.

"Where's the stew from?"


"Do you know if there's any left?"


Holden was lucky he was cute. Norman sighed and nodded, then headed back towards his tent. He was starving. Maybe going to his tent wasn't the best idea. Maybe he should go out and try and find something to eat.

"Hey Norman," A voice called, he recognized it as Becker. "What's with the arm?"

Norman turned around to see the man on the other side of the clearing, a few radishes in his hand. Norman knew he would be asked this eventually, but yet he found it hard to answer. He wasn't the kind of guy to easily lie to someone, especially on something he was already nervous about.

"I... Fell."

"... You... Did?" Becker asked, mocking him with a small grin. He was obviously in a better mood from this morning. The crops always put him in a better mood, for whatever reason.

"Yes. I did."

"Is it infected?"

"No." He replied, almost too quickly.

Becker slowly lost his smile, glancing at his arm as he spoke. "Then what's that stuff? You know, in the gauze?"

Norman hesitantly looked down, only to see something yellowish colored on the wrapping. Shit... it was seeping.

"I... It was... Holden's stew. I spilled it on myself. On accident. Long story. I should probably change my dressing, though, so it doesn't get infected." And with that, he heard inside his tent.

Once inside, he quickly zipped the tent up, something he rarely did. He was nervous, no, terrified. What if Becker questioned him? What then?

He sat down hastily on his bed and nearly ripped the gauze off. Bad decision. As he removed the wrapping, he felt his skin come off with it. It was as though his skin had fused itself together with the wrapping. For some reason, it didn't really hurt. It was like running hot water on his arm, but not boiling water.

Once he removed the wrapping, he stiffened. His arm was missing skin all around where the cut once was and the bumps had spread all the way up to just below his wrist. Norman pushed his sleeve up to his shoulder. Bumps were there as well. This was not good. Hell, this was terrible.

Norman focused his attention back on his arm, where skin was missing. He stared at it in horror, confusion and almost wonder. It wasn't bleeding. The infection was so bad, it must have created a cover over his arm. It wasn't bleeding.

Norman began to breath heavy, feeling fear begin to take over him. He forced himself to rewrap his arm with more gauze, then threw himself on his mat, laying down once again. He had to calm down. If he seemed nervous, the others would notice. He closed his eyes, trying to listen for something, anything, just to get his mind off his thoughts. There was nothing, nothing but silence. Eventually, he calmed down and began to doze off once more. He welcomed the sleep with open arms. He may need it later on.


• Tanya is looking for Jacobi, Jacobi has been disappearing frequently.
• Norman didn't get any food
• Becker noticed something seeping in Norman's gauze
• Norman flips
• Norman's skin is gone in some place and the spots are spreading
• Norman falls asleep
I think that covers it, thanks for reading!-

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