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So.. it's always been part of my plan to leave this as an open-ended story. I know that it's more common for writers to go through major life events and such in the last few sections of their stories but I've always felt like it rushes the ending and spoils the subjectivity of what their life together could have turned out like.

I know that there is still so much that could be played out in the story - trust me, I'm all too aware of the twists and turns that life could throw at them. However, I want to leave it up to you guys, the readers, to imagine your own ending - it will be more special as it's unique to your own mind, if nothing else.

I know there will be people that won't like my decision to leave the story here but ultimately the decision was made pretty early on in the story, and I am committed to following through with that plan.
I've enjoyed the journey of writing this, and reading feedback from some of you, but all journeys come to an end and this is where I get the opportunity to say-

Thanks to everyone that has read, commented and voted!
I am thankful to every single one of you and I hope that I'll see some of you again - maybe in my notifications about my other works!

P.s. For anyone interested in reading another story by me, or chatting to me - feel free to head on over to my profile and maybe check out my other work(s)
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I do have other stories in my drafts, so if you read this and decide to check out anything else I've written before I've gotten around to posting them, then I apologise.
I will be posting them at some point in the near future (hopefully) so please bear with me.

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