Turns out, I didn't get a punishment for kicking Tyler's ass. Being the Alpha's daughter lets me get away with basically anything in school. That's one of the only good things about being the Alpha's daughter.

Much to my annoyance, there were humans in my class. Not that I mind humans, I just don't like the fact I can't shift at school anymore when I get too angry. It's like I'm on a leash (pun intended).

The human boys kept checking me out, annoying me even more. I noticed one staring at me, his eyes filled with lust. Werewolves have that effect on humans.

Finally having enough of it, I turned to glare at him. "Can I help you? Mind your damn eyes, this is my bubble!"

The boy blushed and looked down at his desk. I turned around again, satisfied with my work. I do love calling people out on things. It brings me joy in life.

After what felt like hours but was only forty minutes, class finally ended. I rushed out of the class, needing to find Brooke and Liam before I snapped.

"Brooke!" I yelled as I saw her and was by her side in an instant. Perks of having werewolf speed.

"Hey, how was home room?" Brooke asked, adjusting her backpack.

"Horrible," I groaned. "Humans everywhere. The guys wouldn't stop eye raping me, and I even caught some girls doing it too!"

Brooke laughed. "Looks like your attractive, Hales. You're milkshake brings all the boys to the yard."

"I don't want all the boys in the yard," I said.

Brooke cracked up, and I rolled my eyes. "And shut up, Bree. Humans need to freaking control their hormones before they can never reproduce. I do not like being eye raped," I said.

"Sure you don't," Brooke said teasingly.

I smacked her arm playfully, causing Brooke to laugh. We walked down the hallway and saw Liam talking to a blonde human girl. I froze, trying to push down the feeling of rage inside me. What the frick is going on with me lately?

Brooke noticed this and grabbed my arm. "Let's go get something to drink."

"But I'm not thirsty," I said.

"Oh yes, you are," she said and dragged me away.

I stumbled after her, trying to match her pace and regain my balance, which I gotta tell ya is hard when you're being dragged away. It takes skill to do those things.

Once we were far enough and in our next class, Brooke let go of my arm.

"Jeez women, you need to cut your nails. I think you left scars from those talons you call nails," I said, inspecting the nail marks she left on my arm.

Brooke rolled her eyes. "Whatever, and they're supposed to be claws. I'm a werewolf, not a bird. I don't have talons."

"Well excuse me," I said, dragging out the u in excuse.

We sat down in our desks and waited for class to start. Liam walked into class, covered in a scent that made my nose wrinkle. This was gonna be a long day.


Lunch came around, and Brooke and I sat in our usual place. Liam was talking to that human chick, which made the wolf in me want to shift and end her. But of course, the human in me knew I'd go to prison for that.

I can't do that. There's no Netflix in prison.

Brooke and I talked, and Liam sat down. "Hey guys," he said.

"Hey," Brooke and I said, Brooke shooting me a glare that said be nice.

I rolled my eyes and made a face at her. I heard footsteps coming towards me, and a scent washed over me that made the wolf in me growl. I knew at once it was Tyler.

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