🔱 Chapter Thirteen 🔱 Part 1

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Abidah tried working out the kinks in her neck as she sat upright in Ashkelon's saddle

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Abidah tried working out the kinks in her neck as she sat upright in Ashkelon's saddle. Fatigue swamped her body and she had to lean over unto the pommel of the saddle to ease her discomfort. The journey to the next village was proving to be longer than anticipated and for a moment she wondered if Evera was telling the truth or not.

As soon as the sun had peaked its head from the place at which it hid they had risen to get ready for their journey to the nearby town. They didn't have much, except for the few supplies Evera gave them, so it was easy to saddle up their mounts and head out. They had been riding for three days and they still hadn't made it to their destination.

They were om the lasr stretch of the journey. The early morning air had been a bit chilly but it was a welcomed feeling to Abidah's skin which had gone pale from the lack of sleep the night before. The sharp bite of the morning air was the only thing keeping her eyes from shutting and falling out of her seat.

Thoughts from her argument with Evera were still plaguing her mind, so each time they had made camp it had been a problem for Abidah to fall asleep and she resorted to stand watch at night to sort through her topsy-turvy brain. This extra thinking didn't help though for she was still stuck at where she started and was yet to find answers to any of her questions. Hence the tiredness that was wracking her body and mind.

As the sun rose, giving birth to the amorously stained clouds, it swept away the remnants of the night and dazzled Abidah's eyes with the promise of a beautiful day. However, all the dazzling proved to be too much for her now sensitive eyes and she squinted every time the rays glimpsed through a pocket in the overhead trees and into her face.

"Are we there yet?" asked Maurie for the sixth time that day. She was riding with Prince Sylvan. Since there were no extra horses to spare the prince had volunteered to carry her against the protests of his guard.

"You're in luck child the village is just beyond that hill." Said Evera, who had been very forthcoming with information about elemental users much to Abidah's disdain. Abidah was not happy with the idea that the woman knew more about her than she did herself. And not to mention she was still hiding that weird power which she had used to knock them unconscious.

"Well I hope so." Said Sylvan who was writhing in his saddle. "What I'd give for a bath and a comfortable bed to sleep in right now. Adam, if I knew I'd be in such discomfort I never would have agreed to come with you on this trip." He sulked. Adam only gave a slight grunt in response, his face holding a tight expression. It seemed the younger prince wasn't the only one in distress.

Abidah couldn't help but chuckle at their expense, but Sylvan was right though they all were extremely exhausted, especially the two guards. She too was reminded again how tired she was when she felt the muscles of her butt spasm with pain, sending a tremor up her spine and forcing her to lean forward unto Ashkelon's back.

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