Multiversal Law

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The Theory of Magic is one of the Base Value Branches from the Multiversal Law, which is illustrated in human intelligence as the Tree of Life Model, or in artificial intelligence as Quantum Computing Model 7c. Because of this, it's important to understand each of the values present in the Multiversal Law: No. 3, No. 5, No. 7, and No. 11. 

No. 11 IS A CATALYST FOR No. 1 & No. 2;

REFER TO "Positive Catalysts" & "Negative Catalysts" FOR MORE INFO.

No. 3 is Green, Fluorescent, & Essential  

You can extrapolate the Theory of Magic from the 3 branches of the Multiversal Law by working through the model backwards:

1. Theory of Magic (Base Value 3)

2. Theory of Space-time (Base Value 2)

3. Theory of Emergence (Base Value 1)

In this sense, you can see Magic and Emergence are two sides of the same coin, with Space-time in the middle. Because of this, on a cosmic scale, Space-time is considered a Balancing Force, even though Truth (i.e., Balanced Reality) occurs on Base 5.

REFER TO "108 Balancing Forces" FOR MORE INFO.

Understanding the Role of Different Base Values

You can also, from the Multiversal 3-5-7-11th Law, calculate your universe's mathematical language into a multiversal language, using the following Base Value translator: 

Base Value 3—Quantum Reality. (a.k.a. Vibrating Reality, the Dreaming [State], or Deja Vu.)

Base Value 5—Balanced Reality. (a.k.a. Orderly Reality, Virtual Reality, or Clockwork Reality.)

Base Value 7—Perfect Reality. (a.k.a. Light Reality, Heaven[s], or Paradise.)

Base Value 9—Surreality. (a.k.a. Dark Reality, Hell[s], or Hades.)

Base Value 11—Rotokas Reality. (a.k.a. Chaotic Reality, the Umbra [State], or Pandemonium.)

(Base Value 2—Human Reality; no magic present.*)  (a.k.a. Living Reality, Eden, or Purgatory.)

(Base Vale 1—the Singularity; no space-time present.**)

*Note the addition of the sixth Base Value 2 universe creates a sterile, anti-magic zone; this is necessary for the cycle of life and death to reach the emergence of a Base Value 3 universe.

REFER TO "Anti-Magic Zones" FOR MORE INFO.

**Note the addition of the seventh Base Value 1 creates a black hole; this is necessary for the compartmentalization of data prior to the formation of a Base 2 universe. 

REFER TO "Singularities" FOR MORE INFO.

Some cultures refer to this as a Triad of Power; others label this as the Pillars of Society.

  REFER TO "Triad of Power" & "Pillars of Society" FOR MORE INFO. 

No. 5 is Orange, Textured, and Provocative

Magic is made of Five Natures, although due to vibrating variables in quantum fluxes, some cultures in the Multiverse refer these as the Four Natures (and the Four Natures are often referred to as Science); thus, we will list the Fifth Nature as parenthetic:

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